Spanish Government Issues Advice For British Drivers


Spanish Government Issues Advice For British Drivers.  The new guidelines are aimed at reducing crashes caused by British drivers who don’t understand how roundabouts in Spain function.

Spanish Government Issues Advice For British Drivers

Spanish Government Issues Advice For British Drivers

The Spanish Government has just unveiled a series of guidelines aimed at helping British drivers navigate roundabouts in Spain.  Javier Klutch from the Marbella Department Of Road Safety Prevention says “Many British drivers come here without any idea of how our traffic systems work.  The guidelines published today should help deepen any misunderstandings and further add to the confusion felt by drivers in Spain”.

Helpful Diagram

This diagram has been released to the media today.  It shows the correct procedure for navigating a roundabout in Spain.

Spanish Roundabout

For an English version please contact your local town hall and present a €17 fee

Mark Gene from the Andalucian Road Safety Executive says there are several key points which drivers must understand if they are going to survive a road journey on the Costa Del Sol.  “Firstly, people need to understand that lanes here are not the same as lanes in the United Kingdom.  In the UK one should pick the appropriate lane and stick to it.  Here, drivers enter a roundabout in any lane they like, then swerve across to another lane, and probably back to the original lane after that.  It’s like a beautiful motorised version of synchronised swimming”.

Frightened Driver

British driver Alex Phallix prepares to drive onto a roundabout in Torremolinos

Mr. Gene continues “Secondly, people should see the outside lane of a roundabout as a viable parking option during busy periods.  By parking here, you are forcing other drivers to slow down.  Speed kills, so parking in the outside lane of a roundabout is saving lives”.

Spanish Roundabout

An image from the Fuengirola Roundabout Users Association demonstrating how effective the Spanish system is

Right Of Way

The issue of right of way at a roundabout in Spain is explained by Roberto Merhi.  He says “We have a very simple system when it comes to right of way in Spain.  The driver of the bigger vehicle, or  sometimes the driver with the biggest balls, will always have right of way.

Spain Traffic Police

Officer Pablo Chorizo stops a driver for no particular reason in Malaga

Pedestrian Crossings

Adrian Campos is from the Committee For Putting Pedestrian Crossings Where You’d Least Expect To Find Them.  He says that “pedestrian crossings have been strategically placed at the main exits of roundabouts.  This is obviously the safest place for them, because drivers have not had chance to accelerate before they have to jump on the brakes because someone is meandering across the road at a snail’s pace”.

Driver Crash Helmet

Phil says it’s easy when you know how

Easy When You Know How

British driver Phil Adelfia, originally from Birmingham, has been driving in Spain for 18 years.  He says “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Solihull.  I’ve found that the best thing to do is close your eyes and hope for the best.  It’s easy when you know how.  My wife even bought me a helmet for Christmas.  I feel invincible now”.

Brexit Means Brexit

Damien Hill from Estepona feels strongly about these new guidelines.  “It’s ridiculous.  Us Brits have been driving badly here for years.  How dare they start giving us ‘advice’? This is why Brexit is important, because Brexit means Brexit.  No unelected Spaniards should be telling us Brits what to do on the roads in Spain”.

Written by Alan McNish, Costa Del Sol Update

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    • You guys are too too funny. Keep it coming
      If I witness any newsworthy items on the coast I’ll let you know.

    • Of course we can .. we surrended our four legged friends over 100yrs ago. we have had a lot more practice ! 🙂

    • Wrong, Spanish drivers are bad drivers, do not obey road signs like STOP OR GIVE WAY do not indicate etc etc and the rule of your roundabouts is simply STUPID.
      Staying in the middle lane of a motorway when the inside lane is free.
      How the hell you get through a driving test is beyond me.
      Also just because you may have your indicator on it does not mean you have the right of way open your eyes and obey the road signs.

  1. Spainish are the worst drivers think they should look who to drive on their own roundabouts nearly 70% don’t do this at all don’t use indicated and use other peoples parked cars as Bumpers to get I. And out of spaces worst in the world!

  2. Spanish dont know how to park in car parks,never park in bays straight but more accross them taking up 2-3 spaces at a time,overtake you on a bend to turn immediately left! cars all covered in dents to what they commonly refer to as spanish kisses!!

  3. Jesus the Spanish cant drive on there own roads never mind anywhere else left is right and right is left and tossers comes to mind

  4. Hilarious, Have you ever tried driving around the roundabout at Thader in Murcia city, absolute mayhem and mostly Spanish that do not know the law in Spain.

    • Love that roundabout…not! Need my IKEA meatballs after navigating that one 😎

  5. The Spanish are terrible drivers! I have never seen spaniard navigate any roundabout like this shows – they are the ones causing most accidents!

  6. This diagram is silly I have just done what it shows the yellow car doing and the exit road is not where it shows in fact there are seven exits not 4! Can you please rectify as I have had to stop by the boat statue in centre and have no idea how to get out.

  7. My next car would be electric.
    So my claxon will be an outside speaker (pref. 1000 watts or so).
    I want 4 buttons on the dash.
    Button 1 produces “Cabron!”
    Button 2 produces “Puta!”
    Button 3 produces “Oh perdon!” (Occasionally I make mistakes too…)
    And button 4 produces “Tuuuuut”.
    I consider an optional button 5, for accidents saying “that dent was already there”. In repeat mode.
    I want a randomiser on my indicator lights. So they go on and off all the time.
    And I urgently want a randomiser on my brake lights! To get rid of TAILGATERS. Please?
    Also I would like it to be legal to run the door off a car, that is double parked and the driver getting out WITHOUT even bothering to look in the mirror.

    On the roundabouts, by the way, I just cut off those who sneek in the right hand side blind spot and start claxoning. Or simply stop and ask “now what”?

    In that case I can cancel my insurance, because these companies NEVER PAY.

  8. a lot of grumpy brits huh ! I always use my indicators then the spanish know exactly where to aim ! (at me or not) ..

  9. Rushing to Valencia from Torre del Mar area on a toll road a few years ago l almost hit an unlit mule and its owner. The mule was carrying a 3 meter wide pile if Bamboo and was in a tunnel at 2am. The Mule Packer was very rude when l blew my horn a woke him. Now nothing the Spanish do on the roafs surprises me!?

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