Armed Police Storm Illegal Expat Ballot In Benalmadena


Armed Police Storm Illegal Expat Ballot In Benalmadena.  Several Brits have been injured and 3 people arrested when the Guardia Civil broke up an illegal ballot

Armed Police Storm Illegal Expat Ballot In Benalmadena

Armed Police Storm Illegal Expat Ballot In Benalmadena

Expats are outraged today after armed police officers stormed a peaceful ballot at a community centre in Benalmadena.  A police spokesperson said that the ballot was illegal, had no basis in constitutional law, and the police were obliged to shut it down using whatever means necessary.

Costa Del Sol Update has learned that the ballot took place at the end of a meeting of community presidents.  Peter Stiff from Andalucian Nominal Urbanisaton Society said “We were having our usual monthly meeting in Benalmadena.  Most of the British community presidents attend.  We discuss things like whether or not we can be bothered fixing broken pathways and talk about who’s dog can bark the loudest through the night.”

Guardia Civil Phone

A Guardia Civil officer updates his facebook page ahead of the raid

Peter describes the moment the police made a surprise entry through the rear.  “The meeting was coming to an and and we were having a disagreement about the biscuits that should be served at the next meeting.  I wanted custard creams, Gladys insisted we should have rich tea biscuits, and Gerald said he’s partial to a jammy ring.  We decided to put it to a ballot, and no sooner had the box been put on the table, the back doors were smashed in and 3 armed policemen stormed into the room”.

Police Brutality

Gladys Jones was attending the meeting and says she can’t understand why the police did this.  “It makes no sense, the front door was unlocked they could have just let themselves in.  One of the police gave me a very violent and threatening stare.  It’s brutal. Police Brutality, that’s what it is.  They can’t go round staring at old ladies.”

Guardia Civil Box

Guardia Civil removed several boxes of biscuits from the community centre


The presidents were so shocked by the police intervention that as they leapt to their feet, two tables were knocked over and a cup of English breakfast tea was spilt.  Christine Bishop is originally from Birmingham.  She said “Actually I’m not from Birmingham I’m from Bearwood.  I was badly injured in the commotion.  Nigel knocked over his cup of tea, and I then slipped on it.  I sprained my ankle.  Someone is going to have fork out for compensation now”

Smashed Tea Cups

A distressing photo taken in the aftermath of the raid


Three Brits were arrested and taken to a police station in handcuffs.  The President of the Community Presidents Presidents Community was among those arrested.  Members of his community have said they will work fairly hard to have him released, at least until the pool bar opens this evening because there’s a Kylie tribute on who they want to see.

Community President

Community President Peter Stiff being taken away by police

No Legal Right To Ballot

Local government are insisting that the presidents had no legal right to hold a ballot.  However, one member of the group said “we know that the outcome of our biscuit ballot wouldn’t be legally binding.  But it’s important for us to establish our intention as a group, even if it has no basis in law.  The police should have been less aggressive, I was also violently stared at by an officer”.

Celebrity Support

As news of the violence travelled around the world today, several celebrities have offered their support to the British expats caught up in the situation.  Lily Allen said on twitter “I’m not sure what’s going on here, but if there’s a band wagon coming past then I’m jumping on it.”

Lily Allen

Singer Lily Allen is supporting the expats

Singer Charlotte Church said “We must all get behind Jeremy Corbyn, the Spanish police should not have arrested him.  This is clearly about Brexit.  Or lambrini.  I quite like them both.”

Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof pictured saving the world

Singer and part time saviour of the world Bob Geldof offered his support to the community presidents today saying through his spokesperson “There won’t be snow in Malaga this Christmas time”.


Written by Penny Trayshon, Costa Del Sol Update

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