Brits Blast Spanish Driving Ban


Brits Blast Spanish Driving Ban.  Brits in Spain are facing the prospect of having to use public transport or walk when a new law comes into force on the twelfth.

Brits Blast Spanish Driving Ban

Brits Blast Spanish Driving Ban

British drivers are set to be removed from the roads in Spain after the twelfth of following a landmark ruling by the nation’s third most important court of law makers.  There has been confusion about the validity of British driving licenses in Spain since Brexit, with authorities in the UK and Spain unable to reach an agreement.  Rules have revolved around resident versus non-resident status, and British versus Spanish registered vehicles.

Spanish authorities have decided to put an end to the confusion and ban all British drivers.  Enrique Embrague from the Ministry Of Over Complicating Things in Madrid says “It was getting ridiculous. Brits can drive for 90 days in Spain, Brits can only drive on a British license if they’re non-resident, Brits can only drive Spanish cars with Spanish licenses… we decided to put an end to it, and simply ban all British drivers.”

British Drivers Are Bad Drivers

The British driving ban in Spain is being welcomed by local motoring organisations.  Olivia Limpiaparabrisas from the Andalucian Road Safety Executive says “British drivers are dangerous.  We’ll all be safer without them on our roads.  Everyone knows that they are the worst drivers in Europe – they’re unpredictable.  Many of them stop at red lights, which takes other drivers by surprise, and this is why crashes happen.”

Car Crash

British drivers cause most of the crashes in Spain.

British drivers are blasting the new rules.  Jack E. Stewart is originally from Birmingham but now lives in Manilva.  He says “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Edgbaston.  This ban is horrendous. How are we supposed to get on with our lives here if we can’t drive?  There’s no way I could carry three crates of Carling home on the bus.”

Expats Are Outraged

Anne Fernandez (MBE, PhD, sXy, HoT) runs several Facebook groups with confusingly similar names where British expats can express outrage over anything from Brexit to the proposed introduction of sales tax on pale blue hair dye for ladies.  Anne says “My members are outraged.  It’s been several months since we read one of your cutting egde articles, so there’s a lot of outrage been building up.  You could say that there’s an outpouring of overflowing outrage. This ban will affect so many of my members, the suggestion that they may have to walk is terrifying.   It won’t affect me though, as my chauffeur is from Switzerland and has a fully legal license.”

Guardia Civil Road Check

Police are being trained to recognise British motorists.

Police Trained To Spot Brits

Police officers are being trained to recognise British drivers more easily, as it has been deemed impractical to stop every single driver and enquire about their nationality. Antonio Arbol de Cangrejo from the Police Resources And Training department explained “Officers are being trained to look out for drivers with bright red arms and white legs.  Also drivers who occassionally use indicators are likely to be British, and we’ll be stopping any drivers who don’t swerve across all the lanes at a roundabout.”

Fake News Or Not Fake News?

Stew Pidd

Stew Pidd thinks this is fake news.

Stew Pidd from Marbella is convinced that anything he doesn’t understand, especially satire, is fake news. He says “It’s all rubbish, you’re being lied to. It’s fake news! They don’t even have driving licenses  in Spain. Do your research!”

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Written by Mike Rotch, Costa Del Sol Update.


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