Outrage Over Water Restrictions In Spain


Outrage Over Water Restrictions In Spain.  Bars are being forced to sell full strength beer and toilets are fitted with flush restrictors.  

Outrage Over Water Restrictions In Spain

Outrage Over Water Restrictions In Spain

Water reserves in Spain are at an all time low.  Reservoirs in Andalucia are at less than 30% capacity, and a lack of rainfall is impacting businesses and residents.  To combat the potential drought conditions the government have introduced tough new measures which will restrict water consumption.

Bars on the Costa Del Sol are now being forced to sell full strength lager and spirits.  The cost to business could be devastating.  Bar owner Frazzle from the Old Bunion Sports Bar in Fuengirola took time out from shouting at his hard working staff to speak to us.  He says “My customers are Brits abroad, they think they can handle their drink, but they can’t.  When there’s only a quarter of a pint of actual lager in a pint of lager, they can drink more, feel big and strong, and I can make money.  Running out of water and having to serve full strength drinks will be devastating for us.” 

Beer Goggles

Having failed to concince sane people that 5g spreads coronavirus, the conspiracy theorists are turning their attention to beer.

Beer Is Being Used To Control Us

There are suggestions that the moves to save water are not in fact related to saving water at all.  Brian Beavers is a keyboard warrior from Truthers Within Andalucia Today.  He believes this is all about control.  “Open your eyes, I’ve done my research.  They don’t want you to know the truth! Beer is full of 5gs, and by forcing us to drink full strength beer they’re forcing us to ingest more 5gs which Bill Gates can use to control our minds.  Question everything! Except the things which I say, don’t question those”. 

Toilet Flush Monitoring

Toilet flushing has been identified as another source of wasted water.  Now every bar and restaurant on the Costa Del Sol will be required to fit each lavatory with a council approved flush monitor.  This will restrict flushing to one flush for every five facility users.

Toilet Flush Moniter

Lavatories must be fitted with new flush detection monitors.

Approved Installations

The flush monitoring devices can be installed by a council approved engineer, and will cost €72 per lavatory (including fitting fee).  Fernando Pato De Bano owns the Travellers Demise Pub in Estepona.  He says the charges are too much.  “It’s ridiculous, I have 4 toilets in my pub.  2 of them are actually functional.  This is going to bankrupt me before the season even starts.  Why are they worried about people flushing the toilet when there are water parks wasting millions of gallons of water every day?”. 


Outraged Expats

British expats are reacting with outrage to the new laws, which come into effect next week.  Anne Fernandez runs a non political Facebook group where members can express varying degrees of outrage over topical issues including the suitability of white cotton socks with sandals.  Anne told Costa Del Sol Update “I’m outraged, this is disgusting.  My members are outraged too.  It’s going to cost British business owners a fortune.   Who wants to be the fifth person to use the unflushed toilet? In the summer heat it will be revolting.  I’m running a social media campaign to combat this outrageous madness. My new campaign slogan is Freedom To Flush.  I’ll stand up for your lavatorial rights”.

Empty Swimming Pool

This swimming pool sits empty because this bar owner has redirected the water to flush the toilets.

Impact On Tourism

As word of the drought prevention laws reaches the UK, there are fears that it could affect tourist numbers.  Walter Croset from Birmingham is planning a family holiday to Marbella but may now change his plans.  He said “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Sutton Coldfield.  I don’t think I want to go on holiday somewhere if I can’t flush the toilet.  It’s disgusting.  At my age, toilets are a real concern. You never know when you need to go”.

Stew Pidd

Stew Pidd thinks that this is fake news.

Stew Pidd believes that this is just fake news.  He says “anything I don’t understand is fake news, especially jokes I don’t get or don’t like.  This is obviously fake news.  They need us more than we need them.  Big up Boris”.

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Written by Gloria Stits, Costa Del Sol Update 


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