Costa Del Sol Cars Must Be Bubble Wrapped


Costa Del Sol Cars Must Be Bubble Wrapped next summer in a bid to make Spain safer for tourists.

Costa Del Sol Cars Must Be Bubble Wrapped

Costa Del Sol Cars Must Be Bubble Wrapped

From the 1st of May 2018 all Spanish registered cars on the Costa Del Sol must be fitted with a new safety device to protect tourists who wander into the road.  The new bubble wrap style safety feature has been designed to reduce damage caused to people who are too drunk or too stupid to realise that stepping into the road without first checking for oncoming traffic is a bad idea.

The plan is still in the design stages.  Local engineer Pablo Citroen-Picasso telling us that (translated) “the speed to mass impact ratio is very good, the design works, but we have yet to find a way to make it possible for the driver to see out of the front screen and for people to actually get in and out of the car. ”

Bubble Wrap Car

Local motorist Stella Soitra inspecting a prototype, she said “how do you get in and out of it?

The bubble wrap is expected to cost €1000 for smaller vehicles, and up to €4000 for a Range Rover.  It will come in a variety of colours, and some trim levels may have patterns.  Drivers caught without the protective bubble wrap will be fined €20,000 on the spot.  Officer Juan Kerr said “to some it may seem disproportionate, but you can’t put a price on safety.  Well,  you can, we have , I suppose, twenty grand is an ok price, yes”.

Genuine Michael Kors Bag Damaged

Mercedes Smith from Clacton visits Marbella every summer with her friends and says that these new safety measures are essential to protect tourists.  “Last year my bff Chardonnay was walking along the pavement and then wandered into the road.  She was hit by a Seat or a Volvo or something Spanish like that and broke her leg.”

Fake Michael Kors Bag

A genuine Michael Kors bag, similar to the genuine Michael Kors bag which was damaged in the crash

Mercedes says that “The new Michael Kors handbag she bought for €30 from the man on the beach was also damaged.  It’s not right that drivers should be able to just drive on the roads when people are here on holiday.  If it were up to me I’d ban them completely, except for the taxis because we need them.  But I think this bubble wrap is an ok compromise”.

Written by Di Aria, Costa Del Sol Update

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