Costa Del Sol Supermarket Staff Strike


Costa Del Sol Supermarket Staff Strike to force bosses to give them public holidays off work 

Costa Del Sol Supermarket Staff Strike

Costa Del Sol Supermarket Staff Strike

Staff at supermarkets across the Costa Del Sol have called a snap strike today (Tuesday the 12th September), in the hope of forcing bosses to give them public holidays off, and improve working conditions.  Union members are saying that staff won’t return to work until their demands are met or they get bored sitting around doing nothing.

Empty Supermarket

An empty supermarket in Estepona.  Picture for demonstration purposes only.  During the actual strike we won’t be able to get inside to take a photo.

Working Conditions

Supermarket staff are hoping that the strike will lead to improved working conditions.  Union representative Julia Moreno said (translated) “All day we have to listen to the same jingle playing over and over on the sound system, it’s enough to drive you mad.  We want fewer British customers as well, we’re all sick of waiting for hours at the checkout because they can’t figure out how Euros work”.

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Solidarity With Airport Workers

The timing of the strike has been engineered to coincide with a strike by French air traffic controllers which is causing chaos at airports all over Europe.  Sylvia Gomez said “We wanted to show solidarity with our colleagues in France.  People don’t see a connection between supermarkets and airports, but if you think about it working on a checkout is a lot like flying a plane.  There are loads of buttons and no one knows what they all do”.


Fernando Osnola is convinced that now is the time to strike.  He says “The weather is quite good, it was 29c in Malaga yesterday, it will be nice to have a day off.”

Supermarket Management Response

El Jefe is puzzled by the worker’s demands

Felipe Assam, who insists staff call him El Jefe, is the Chief Executive Of Bags For Life at one of the supermarket chains who’s staff are striking.  He said “I don’t understand this, I thought we were closed on public holidays anyway.  They should get back to work before we sell out to the Americans.  They won’t like having to shout “go team” every morning and having to visit the staff therapist twice a week”.

Written by Carl O’Stomy, Costa Del Sol Update

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