Outrage Over New Brexit Burger


Outrage Over New Brexit Burger. Some expats are calling for the Brexit Burger to be banned and the chef who created it to be arrested

Outrage Over New Brexit Burger

Outrage Over New Brexit Burger

A popular Costa Del Sol restaurant has recently added the “Brexit Burger” to it’s extensive menu.  The Happy Egg, on a run down backstreet in Torremolinos, created the new burger to reflect the tastes of British tourists.  The chef who came up with the burger is today defending it, claiming it is exactly what the name suggests.

burger box

An empty burger box, photographed by an angry customer

Customers who order the Brexit Burger are presented with the traditional polystyrene burger box.  However, some have expressed outrage when opening the box to find that it’s completely empty, other customers have had a half eaten and partially uncooked burger presented to them, whilst some customers have received a good quality burger made out of unspecified meat as is often the way on the Costa Del Sol.

Mouldy Burger

Tom Broadbeen from Birmingham was served this mouldy burger

Tom Broadbeen from Birmingham ordered a Brexit Burger and got a mouldy piece of bread with a soggy burger on it.  He said “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Aston.  This is an outrage.  I paid good money for a burger, and this is what I’m given.  The poster showed a lovely big burger, I’ve been misled and lied to, it’s an outrage, I already said that I know”.

Chef Gordon Ramshackle

Chef Gordon Ramshackle created the Brexit Burger


The Chef at The Happy Egg is Gordon Ramshackle.  He told us “The Brexit Burger is brilliant.  We’ve been serving quarter pounders for years, people can stick to what they know, or they can go for The Brexit Burger.  You think you know what it is, but actually no one has got the faintest idea what they are going to get.  We change what’s in the box everyday depending on what mood we’re in”

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Nigel Garage is a Taste Well Andalucian Troop spokesperson.  He told Costa Del Sol Update “This chef should be arrested and the restaurant shut down.  We’ve had literally tens of complaints about this.  This is why Brexit is so important.  We can’t have unelected chefs in Spain telling us what to eat.  Long live the king.”

Dirty Kitchen

Inside the kitchen where the famous Brexit Burger was created

Antonio El Rodriguez from the Torremolinos health and safety executive said “I don’t know what this is all about.  We shut that restaurant down four years ago.  Twice.”

Written by Beatrix Potter, Costa Del Sol Update

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