Costa Del Sol Workplace Coffee Drinking Ban


Costa Del Sol Workplace Coffee Drinking Ban – local councils in Spain have introduced a workplace coffee drinking ban in a bid to safeguard the health of office workers

Costa Del Sol Workplace Coffee Drinking Ban

Costa Del Sol Workplace Coffee Drinking Ban

Coffee drinking at work is now illegal, as local councils in several towns on the Costa Del Sol have introduced strict new laws.  Excessive coffee drinking is associated with increased blood pressure, increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, and increased risk of severe physical injury for those around the coffee drinker who has not yet had his morning cup.

A spokesperson for South West Marbella County Council told us that “we’re not trying to stamp out coffee drinking altogether, but we’re hoping that this new law will have the same effect as the smoking ban.  It will increase the overall health and productivity of the workforce, and reduce workplace stress and injury.  We must be clear that this isn’t a prejudiced blanket ban on all caffeine products, just coffee.  You can still drink RedBull in the office if you wish.  By the way RedBull are the title sponsor of our annual pensioners skydiving contest”.

Coffee Desk

Enrique Saiselgi pictured at his desk, drinking water from a coffee mug. “It’s not the same, but I will get used to it” he said.


Employers who don’t enforce the workplace coffee ban will face hefty fines of up to €6000.  Undercover police will carry out regular stings on offices and workplaces to make sure that coffee isn’t being consumed indoors.  It is also illegal for coffee shops to sell coffee to customers if they have reason to believe that the hot beverage may be consumed in a workplace.


Designated Outdoor Spaces

Businesses will be expected to create designated outdoor spaces for coffee drinking, which must have at least two open sides.  These will need to be inspected by an official council outdoor coffee designated drinking space inspector, at a cost of €700 per inspection.  An outdoor coffee drinking space is a legal requirement, even for businesses in tower blocks with nowhere to put them.  No businesses are exempt from the new laws, even the church has had to install approved designated outdoor coffee drinking spaces.

Priest Coffee

Cardinal Theodore Theodopolus drinking a double shot espresso in the designated outdoor coffee drinking space next to the church’s administration building in San Pedro


Tina Marina from El Faro said that she’s outraged.  “First they persecuted smokers, now coffee drinkers, what next?  Where does this madness end?  Will is be illegal to microwave last night’s fish dinner in the office kitchen soon?”

Cliff Walker is an office worker in Estepona and says “it’s a filthy and disgusting habit, I’m delighted that us non-caffeine addicts will no longer have to put up with the revolting smell in the workplace”.

Written by Faye Canoose, Costa Del Sol Update

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