All Flights From Liverpool To Spain Cancelled


All Flights From Liverpool To Spain Cancelled. The Spanish government’s shock announcement has angered politicians in the UK and expats in Spain

All Flights From Liverpool To Spain Cancelled

Flights From Liverpool To Spain Cancelled

In a shock move today the Spanish government announced that all flights to Spain from Liverpool in the UK will be halted at the end of the month.  The flight ban is being introduced as part of a controversial new scheme announced by the government in Spain.

Crime Reduction Measures

The ban on flights from Liverpool to Spain has been announced as part of sweeping new crime reduction measures.  Cristiano Crimen from the Department Of Crime Reduction And Prevention says “We have looked at the statistics, and it’s clear that people from Liverpool commit many crimes here in Spain.  By stopping flights from Liverpool, we are going to reduce the number of people from Liverpool in Spain.  It’s common sense to then expect the crime numbers to also reduce”.

Crime Reduction

The controversial ban is aiming to reduce crime figures.

Liverpool To Malaga Refunds

The ban has caused outrage here on the Costa Del Sol, with many expats saying it’s completely senseless.  Simon Scally lives in Cabopino and says “I’m proud to be from Liverpool and I can’t believe they are doing this.  My family fly to Malaga when they visit.  This ban won’t reduce numbers, it will just mean people fly from a different airport.  It’s madness”.

Liverpool to Malaga flights will cease on the 1st of November.  Airline spokesman Chris Jenner says “This is going to cost money and jobs, and it’s surely against some European laws.  I could understand this happening after Brexit, but not yet.  People who have already made bookings will be able to transfer to another airport or get a refund, minus a 95% admin charge and a 5% handling fee”.

Ryanair Plane

Ryanair have offered full refunds to anyone affected by the cancellations

Crime Reduction

Antonio Cuchillo from the Malaga Department Of Statistics For Crimes Committed By People From Other Countries says you can’t argue with numbers.  “When you look at it, 95% of all knife and gun crimes committed on the Costa Del Sol are done by people from Liverpool, or people who have been to Liverpool, or people who know someone from Liverpool, or people who have met someone from Liverpool, or people who have seen a TV show about Liverpool, or people who have listened to music by bands from Liverpool.  Liverpool is clearly the common connection, you can’t argue with facts”.


Mickey Rossall is from Spanish Liverpudlians Against Guns and says that most people he knows here are anti guns.  “Since moving to the Costa Del Sol and joining this group, it’s become clear to me that hardly anyone uses guns to commit crimes.  We’re completely against them.  Genuine Liverpudlians would always choose a knife”.


Expat Mickey is opposed to gun crime


Expats from Liverpool are today accusing the government of regional stereotypes.  Psychic medium Derek Acorah is from Liverpool and regularly performs on the Costa Del Sol.  He says “It’s not on, to assume everyone from Liverpool is a thief or a criminal.  Me and Sam, the spirit of a dead man who follows me around giving me advice, think it’s disgraceful.  I’m from Liverpool and I’m as honest as they come”.

Derek Acorah

TV Psychic Derek is as “honest as they come”.

Language Barrier

Alice Jackson from Birmingham now owns a bar in Marbella.  She told us “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Sutton Coldfield.  I won’t be sad to see less people from Liverpool here, they are bad for business because we just can’t understand them.  There was a man in here last night, he coughed three times and said mate before clearing some phlegm from his throat.  Apparently he was asking for a Smirnoff and Red Bull.  How is anyone supposed to know that?”

Smirnoff Red Bull

Ally Jackson has problems understanding people from Liverpool.

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Written by Kenneth Dodd, Costa Del Sol Update.  26.10.2017



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