Amazon Launch Alexa In Spain


Amazon Launch Alexa In Spain. The popular Echo device has left many users in Spain disappointed.

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Amazon Launch Alexa In Spain

Amazon has finally released a version of it’s popular home automation system in Spain.  The Amazon Echo Espana hit the market on Monday, but has been met with criticism from disappointed owners.  Echo is a device which connects to wifi, and can assist the user with daily tasks including shopping lists, recipes, weather reports, and playing music.  The Echo can also control in home heating systems, lights, and even cooking appliances.

Echo uses Amazon’s exclusive virtual assistant Alexa, who can be summoned by simply calling her name.  There are already millions of Echo devices in use around the world, and now the units are selling fast here on the Costa Del Sol.


Amazon Echo Espana has been hit with criticisms from disappointed owners on the Costa Del Sol.  Mike Hock is originally from Birmingham and now lives in Benalmadena.  He told Costa Del Sol Update “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Edgbaston.  It’s useless.  She never does anything.  I asked her to add Sangria to my shopping list and she just sighed and said ‘manana’.  It’s an utter waster of money”.


Selective Hearing

Other Amazon Echo Espana owners have complained that Alexa seems to understand them sometimes and not others.  Alice Phallus said the Spanish Alexa seems to have selective hearing.  “Sometimes it’s fine, I ask her what the weather will be like and she tells me.  An hour later I can ask her exactly the same thing and she just says ‘que?’ or ‘yo no hablo Ingles’ which is a complete lie.  It’s like she just can’t be bothered.  I want my money back”.

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Written by Hugh Jaksident, Costa Del Sol Update, 28.03.2018




  1. I asked Alexa what the weather would be like on Easter Sunday in Mihas, she told me i should take one glove?!!.
    When asked why she said “on the one hand it could be very warm, but on the other hand it could be cold.”
    I decided to take an umbrella.

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