Anger As Bureaux De Change Refuses To Accept Sterling


Anger As Bureaux De Change Refuses To Accept Sterling.  Locals and tourists are boycotting a bureaux de change in Estepona after the owner refused to exchange Sterling

Anger As Bureaux De Change Refuses To Accept Sterling

A Costa Del Sol bureaux de change has today angered customers by refusing to exchange sterling for  euros, or vice versa.  Kray Financial Services have a notice in the window advising customers that Sterling is no longer accepted.

Old Brits Finger

Ken Long and his wife make their feeling very clear

Tourist Ken Long from Birmingham said “Actually I’m not from Birmingham I’m from Edgbaston.  After we checked into the hotel we went straight to the money place to get some Euros or whatever it is that these foreigners spend and the man wouldn’t take our money.  He said he’d find it more useful if we’d brought toilet paper instead of ten pound notes”.

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Bureaux De Change

A bureaux de change, probably similar to the one in Estepona

Pound Losing Value

The shop manager Hamish McTight, originally from Scotland, told Costa Del Sol news that “since Brexit the pound has been losing value, more every day.  I can’t afford to take it from customers and risk it losing more value before I get it to the bank.  It’s practically worthless anyway.  I’ve got two kids and a drinking problem to support.”


Brits may soon have to use a bartering system to survive on holiday

Bartering System

Pablo Esteban from First Andalucian Reporting Triumvirite said he’s surprised more money companies haven’t adopted this policy.  He told us that “The pound is plummeting, it wont be long before it’s value drops to minus figures.  No one wants it.  It’s only a matter of time until no one accepts Sterling.  I think British travellers will soon start using a barter system to pay for things.  Exchanging tea bags and Lea & Perrin’s for train tickets and beer”.

Written by Shiela Blige, Costa Del Sol Update

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