Anger Over New Ryanair Charges


Anger Over New Ryanair Charges.  The struggling airline has reduced ticket prices during the coronavirus crisis, but customers have spotted new “optional extras”.

Anger Over New Ryanair Charges


Anger Over New Ryanair Charges

Budget airline Ryanair has taken a huge hit during the coronavirus crisis, with fewer passengers than ever flying between the UK and Spain.  in a drastic move to improve business, ticket prices have been slashed to as little as €5 on some routes.  However, some customers have been quick to spot new hidden charges and “optional extras” and are angry about the overall ticket price.  The most surprising “optional extra” is the booking service for an oxygen mask to use during a crisis.

Ryanair are defending the decision to charge for an oxygen mask.  In a statement, Alfonso Avion from the Andalucia Ryanair Securities Executivedepartment said “We have introduced an optional charge of €10 for customers who wish to pre-book the use of an oxygen mask before they fly.  In the unlikely event of a cabin depressurisation or emergency landing, these customers will have access to the emergency oxygen supply.”

Costa Del Sol Update

Passengers will have the option to buy access to the oxygen masks along with snacks and drinks during their flight

Safety First

Ryanair continue to insist that safety is a priority. Alfonso Avion continues “Of course, safety is a priority for us, along with making more money.  Passengers who haven’t pre-booked the use of an oxygen mask may pay for one at anytime during an emergency.  However, the cost for these passengers would be €50 plus a credit card handling fee.  They say you can’t put a price on peace of mind, but with Ryanair you can. It’s €10 if you pre-book”.

Oxygen Masks

Oxygen masks can now be pre-booked for only €10

Customer Reactions

Loyal customer Mick O’Leary said “I think this is a great idea, I love that we have a choice now.  I’m in no way connected with Ryanair and don’t run the company, just to be clear”.  However, former customer Terry “DJ” Twostep from Birmingham said“Actually I’m not from Birmingham I’m from Sutton Coldfield.  This new rule is another rip off.  The sooner Brexit is completed and no one can fly anywhere anyway, the better.  Hear me now. One time.”


Many expats are outraged by the new charges.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where Brits can express their outrage over topics including speed limiters on mobility scooters and Brexit.  Anne says “This really is outrageous.  What a choice to make.  For a family of four, the extra cost of buying oxygen mask,s which they might not even need, could be more than the whole cost of their holiday to a 2* all inclusive in Torremolinos, which will probably get cancelled anyway because of the virus”.


Ryanair have set up a customer service team to handle complaints and concerns about these new charges.  The team can be reached through the Ryanair website for a fee of €2.99 plus credit card handling charge.

Stew Pidd

Stew Pidd thinks this is fake news.

Fake News

Some customers have been unable to find details of the new charges on the Ryanair website (that’s why they are called hidden charges!) and are convinced that this is fake news.  Stew Pidd says ““this is probably fake news.  Anything I don’t understand is fake news, especially jokes I don’t get or don’t like.  This is obviously fake news.  You’re just scaremongering.  You won’t get away with this after Brexit.  They need us more than we need them.  Big up Boris.  Brexit is best!”.

Will you be prebooking an oxygen mask next time you fly? Have your say in the comments section below!

Written by Anna Srammer, Costa Del Sol Update

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