Anger Over Racist Malaga Airport Signage


Anger Over Racist Malaga Airport Signage.  All signs at the airport are to be replaced, costing over €20 million.  

Anger Over Controversial Malaga Airport Signage

Anger Over Racist Malaga Airport Signage

Costa Del Sol residents are furious following an announcement from Malaga airport that there will be a €20 million language investment, paid for with money from the local education budget.  Juan Kerr is a teacher in Marbella and says “This is racism at it’s very worst.  It’s discriminating against people from every other country who come here.  It’s shameful, diverting public money away from schools and education to pay for this ridiculous scheme at the airport.”

The scheme will see all signage at the airport and on the approaching roads replaced.  The new signs will feature the same information, but written in both Spanish and Welsh.  There is uproar from Spanish residents and expats who can’t understand why signs need to be displayed in Welsh.

Malaga Airport Departures Welsh

The new signs could look a bit like this, without the English writing.

The Fastest Growing Foreign Language In Spain

Gomes El Gomez from the Costa Del Sol Signposts In Foreign Languages At Airports And On Some Major Roads department says “You can’t argue with the numbers.  Welsh is the fastest growing foreign language being spoken here in Spain.  Over the last 12 months, the number of Welsh speakers here has tripled.  Rising from 8 to 23.  We can’t ignore that.  These people need to be made welcome”. 

The airport falls under the jurisdiction of the Lower East Manilva County Council.  Mayor Manuel Unwell said “It’s all worked out very well.  By co-incidence, my son owns the local signage business so we’ve been able to get the best possible price.  He’s even invested in a new MacBook to do the designs on.  €20 million is a bargain, I don’t know why people are complaining”

Welsh Sign

One of the new signs, designed on a Macbook.

Reactions To The Huge Outlay

Ian Rush is the chairman of the Welsh Andalucian National Kickers football club in Benalmadena.  He says “It’s very nice that they’re making Welsh people feel more welcome, very nice that is boyo.  Very nice.  I’m going to ask them to play Tom Jones music in the airport toilets as well.”

No Place For Racism

Derek Drinkwater from Birmingham isn’t happy with this move.  He says “I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Solihull actually.  This is really bad, why are we pandering to foreigners.  This is racist, and there’s no place for racism here.  Put the signs up in English, leave them in English.  Brexit will soon put an end to this nonsense.  We can’t have unelected Welsh people telling us Brits what signs we should be looking at in a Spanish airport.  It’s outrageous.  I’m going to be using the new airport from now on.”

The new signage will be in place from the 1st January 2018.

Do you think that €20 million is money well spent?  Have your say in the comments section below.

Written by Gloria Stits, Costa Del Sol Update, 06.11.2017




    • Excellent idea ! As the great majority of Brits have an impossible time trying to speak another language from outside their borders ie. french, german and spanish, let them try and learn a second local language such a welch that it inside the uk borders.

  1. This very obviously a joke – I’m surprised that the Costa del Sol news even published it!

  2. I was on the Beach recently and could swear many of the Pidgeons were Pecking in English while the picked up crumbs from the restaurents so clearly theres an urgent need for signage in Pidgeon English

  3. Pure crap – if it is true and I doubt it. Yet another example of how the EU wastes UK taxpayers money.
    Can we have it in Cornish also – most of them leave the county when the emits arrive.

  4. I think the people who are changing this policy need to read the European equal opportunity. Policy with which Spain are supposed to adhere to under the rules of part of the European Union .its state everyone as the right to informed information in the own mother tongue. But there again I asked to see an equal opportunity she policy in a Málaga school once and couldn’t produce one in fact didn’t even think knew what I was on about thing someone nee to report this to Brussels

  5. Mae hyn yn newyddion gwych. Dydw i ddim yn deall beth yw’r holl ffwdan! Mae yna bryder y bydd Rheoli Traffig Awyr yn cael ei orfodi yn fuan.

    This is fantastic news. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about! There is a rumour that Air Traffic Control will soon be forced to follow.

    Estas son noticias fantásticas. ¡No entiendo de qué se trata todo este alboroto! Existe un rumor de que Air Traffic Control pronto se verá obligado a seguir.

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