Anger Over Rubbish Collection Plans


Anger Over Rubbish Collection Plans.  New scheme will lead to huge build up of rubbish and turn urbanisations into “foul smelling rubbish heaps”.

Anger Over Rubbish Collection Plans

Anger Over Rubbish Collection Plans

Following the recent strike by refuse collection agents on the Costa Del Sol, the Commander in Chief of the Mijas Provincial Government has announced a drastic new scheme which he says will prevent future problems arising from potential strike action.

Angle Nozzle says “The strikes held the area to ransom.  Rubbish built up, the stench was awful, it’s bad for residents and tourists.  My new plan will stop this from being a problem.  We’re going to adopt a system similar to the one in the UK, which is a well respected forward thinking country”.

Man In Bin

The UK’s forward thinking attitude to refuse collection has inspired changes in Mijas.

Currently, the large bins are emptied on an almost nightly basis.  Julio Tugurio from the Basura Andalicia Licencings Licentia Sistemsia says the current system is out of date.  “It’s a gross waste of time and public funds, emptying the bins every night.  It’s bad for the environment as well, using up too much diesel.  Change is needed, and I’m delighted that Angle is making this happen”.

Monthly Bin Collections

The new schedule will come into force on the 1st August.  Bin collections will be reduced from once per night to once per calendar month.  To prevent a large build up of rubbish in and around the bins, refuse must only be deposited within a six hour window prior to the collection time.  Communities and residents are being advised to recycle, sort waste effectively, and store rubbish in their homes until the deposit window opens.

Rubbish In Home

Expat Onslow Hughes says that nightly collections are not enough, monthly collections will be a disaster. Pictured: his kitchen.

Financial Benefits

“Everyone’s a winner” says Julio.  “We save on tax money, because we’re not paying for bin men to work every night.  We save money on diesel.  The environment is protected.  Chances of strikes are reduced because the staff won’t be able to afford to strike, seeing as how they will hardly be getting any work out of us anyway”.  

Rubbish Surfing

Holiday maker Clarice from Southend was determined not to allow the build up of waste prevent her from enjoying the community pool during the recent strike.


Bin Collection Timetables

Each area on the Costa Del Sol will have it’s own timetable for the new collections.  To find out which date your local bin collections will be taking place, the council have set up a special hotline.  The phone service will provide the information in Russian, Egyptian, Latin, French, Spanish, Welsh, and English.  The helpline number is 952 99 72 76, calls are changed at 341 cents per minute, with a €9 connection charge.

Andrew Abraham is an expat from Birmingham, who now lives in Torremolinos.  He said “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Bearwood.  This is ridiculous.  It’s a scam.  I phoned the helpline, I had to sit through the information in all these silly languages before I finally found out when my bins will be emptied.  It cost me a small fortune.  I can’t wait for Brexit, that will solve everything”.  

White House Balcony

The balcony and terrace at the house of Community President Anne Fernandez, where she addresses her residents.

Presidential Outrage

Community Presidents are already angry about the new bin collection schedule.  Anne Fernandez is a local activist, community president, internet Facebook group manager, and tower of strength.  Anne says “this is outrageous, I’m outraged.  Everyone on my facebook page is outraged.  My fellow presidents are outraged.  We were elected to this office to uphold the constitution and defend the free world, so help us god.”

“This is just going to result in over flowing bins” Anne continues, “to only give us a few hours every month to put our rubbish out means it will be piling up in community areas, hallways, gardens, people’s balconies.  This will turn our quiet and beautiful urbanisations into foul smelling rubbish heaps.  It has to be changed, this must not be allowed to happen”.

Where will you store your household waste between bin collections? Leave your comment below!

Written by Moe Lester, Costa Del Sol Update.


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  1. My suggestion for storing your rubbish until collection day – take it round to Julio Tugurio’s garden. You’ll find it easily, just follow your nose. (Oi’m not actually from Brum noither, I’m from West Bromwich).

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