Beaches Barren Despite Lockdown Restrictions Easing


Beaches Barren Despite Lockdown Restrictions Easing.  Costa Del Sol residents are being praised for respecting guidelines as beaches are deserted in Andalucia.

Beaches Barren Despite Lockdown Restrictions Easing

Costa Del Sol residents are being praised by the County Council Of Andalucia today for respecting the lockdown rules and staying away from the beaches.  Even though walking on the beach is permitted in some circumstances, the sandy shores of the Costa Del Sol are deserted with not a soul in sight.

The message to stay at home is getting through, according to Enrique Arena from the Andalucia Regional Safety Executive.  “We did see some people sunbathing on the beaches at the weekend, but we’ve asked them not to and the message has been received.  We checked the beaches today and they are deserted.  Not even the people allowed to take walks on the beach are doing so, it’s very impressive.”

Beach Storm

The beaches are empty today on the Costa Del Sol.

Empty Beaches Are A Sign Of Success

The barren beaches are being used to highlight the success of the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis in Spain.  Carlos Linea-Costera from the council’s Department For Making Vague Assumptions says “We were worried people would try to take advantage of the easing of the lockdown, especially the Brits who have shown they can’t be trusted – they elected Boris Johnson after all.  However our fears were unfounded, the beaches are empty, this has been a huge success”.

Not everyone is convinced that the message to stay at home is being listened to though.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where outraged Brits can express their outrage over Brexit and a Youtube video which suggested it was possible to make two cups of tea from one teabag.  Anne says “I’m outraged, honestly, I am.  The beaches aren’t empty because people suddenly grew brains and got some common sense.  They’re empty because it’s p*ssing it down (excuse my French, but these are exceptional circumstances).  No one is going to use the beach in this weather. The government are doing a great job despite the conditions, just take a look at the UK to see how badly it can be done, but to give them credit for this is absurd.”

Beach storm 2

Anne Fernandez feels that the beaches are not empty simply because people have been told to stay at home.

Costa Del Sol Conspiracy

Conspiracy theorists on the Costa Del Sol think there’s more to this than just government guidelines or bad weather though.  Jenna Side from Conspiracies Representation Andalucian People says “People are waking up, seeing the truth.  No one is going to the beaches because they are dangerous.  We know that Bill Gates owns the beaches, and has put 5g in the sand, which then spreads vaccines and other bad stuff.  I’m so pleased people are beginning to realise how completely sane we are”.

Stew Pidd

Stew Pidd thinks this is fake news.

Not Fake News

Despite the completely genuine and authentic nature of this story, some people are claiming this is a hoax.  Stew Pidd is originally from Birmingham and now lives in Torremolinos, he says “actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Solihull.  This is fake news.  Completely fake.  Big up Boris.  Fake news”.

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Written by Sandy Beech, Costa Del Sol Update

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  1. Where are the British? Have they lost the Dunkirk spirit? Perfect bank holiday barbecue weather and not a soul in sight. Perhaps the Costa need some of those British seaside shelters so they can sit out with their sandwiches and thermos and watch the waves. Bloody wusses.

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