Brexit Blamed For Barren Beaches


Brexit Blamed For Barren Beaches.  Desolate and barren tourist free beaches cause concern for British businesses on the Costa Del Sol.

Brexit Blamed For Barren Beaches

Brexit Blamed For Barren Beaches

British business owners on the Costa Del Sol are alarmed by a lack of tourists, and are laying the blame for the bare and barren beaches firmly at the door of Brexit.  Official figures show a staggering 98.4% decrease in the number of beaches users this month, compared to August this year.

Brits On Beach

Tourists enjoying Marbella beach in August. Numbers have declined dramatically since then.

Economic Collapse

The situation is so bleak that some business owners are predicting a complete collapse of the local economy.  Casey Jean Parker runs a bar on the paseo in Torremolinos.  She told Costa Del Sol Update “I opened my bar here in September, and since then business has just been tailing off.  It’s getting quieter and quieter.  The beaches are now deserted.  I certainly can’t afford to continue like this, the whole coast could go bankrupt if something isn’t done soon”.

Beach Winter

C.J. Parker believes Brexit is to blame for the lack of tourists enjoying local beaches.

Lani McKenzie is an expat from Birmingham.  She believes that Brexit is to blame, saying “actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Aston.  The threat of Brexit is breaking us.  We rely on British tourists, and with so much uncertainty at the moment they are staying away.  I’ve never seen the beaches as empty as they have been this week”.


Sea Winter

Tourists are staying away from the Costa Del Sol


Many expats are now considering packingup and abandoning their place in the sun.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where people can express their outrage over important political topics like Brexit and the availability of parma violets in Spain.  She says “You keep spelling my name wrong.  It’s Fernandez with an F.  You did it again.  Sort it out.  I’m outraged.”

Ms. Fernandez continues “My members are outraged that Brexit is breaking businesses here on the Costa Del Sol.  Without tourists, we are nothing.  It’s so quiet now that many of my members who own businesses are thinking of packing up and heading back to Britain, if they can get a visa, or whatever we need to get over the border since Theresa May took back control.  Has that even happened yet?”

Fuengirola Beach Winter

Fuengirola beach last week, not a tourist in sight.

Politician Matthew Brody from the Costa Regional Andalucian Party thinks that the problem is not specifically Brexit related.  “It can’t be Brexit because it’s not just the Brits who are staying away.  There is no one on the beaches.  No Irish people, no French people, no Scandinavian people, no Tibetan people.  No one.  We need to find the real reason for this and stop taking the easy option of blaming Brexit for everything”.

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Written by Mitch Buchanon, Costa Del Sol Update

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  1. Brexit is not the reason tourists are boycotting Spain. Tourists from many other countries are all staying away because they don’t want to put their families in danger and their vacation ruined by the boatloads of illegal migrants invading the beaches.

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