British OAP Arrested For Inciting Racial Hatred

British OAP Arrested For Inciting Racial Hatred. An 84 year old woman is facing three years in jail for making a racially offensive remark

British OAP Arrested For Inciting Racial Hatred

British OAP Arrested For Inciting Racial Hatred

An elderly British expat has been arrested and charged with inciting racial hatred, whilst waiting for a train in Fuengirola.  Mrs. Knight was overheard using a racially offensive term by a policeman, and arrested.  Friends of Mrs. Knight said that she would never knowingly have said anything offensive, as she goes to church every Sunday.

One of Mrs. Knight’s companions, Phillipa Truss, said “I don’t know what happened.  We were talking about how the train station is a little but run down.  Gladys said ‘all I’d need is a mop and bucket and I’d have this place spick and span in no time’.  Before we knew it she’d been bundled into a police car by thirteen armed police officers, we were terrified”.

Old Lady

Mrs. Knight at home in Los Boliches. This picture was taken the day before her arrest.

Offensive Language

A police spokesperson said “The arresting officer does not speak English, however he knows a racial slur when he hears one.  The woman clearly said the word spic which is highly offensive in Spain.  We simply can’t have gangs of British pensioners marauding through the streets terrorising people like this, it’s not acceptable.”

The officer in charge of the Department For Preventing Racial Slurs Being Made By British Pensioners is Felix El Casagato.  He said “This is exactly why my department exists, to tackle this growing problem.  We’ve had at least one case to deal with in the last 24 months”

Policia Local

Police have stepped up patrols in major towns in an effort to catch other pensioners using racist language

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A Misunderstanding

Gladys Knight was waiting for a train at Fuengirola train station, with her two friends Philippa Truss (known to friends and Pip) and Philippa Hardy (also known to friends as Pip).  Her neighbour Derek Wilton, originally from Birmingham, said “I’m not actually from Birmingham, I’m from Sellyoak.  As far as I know, on Saturday night Gladys Knight and the Pips were waiting for a midnight train to Benalmadena.  There was a misunderstanding about a phrase associated with domestic cleaning.  I’m sure it will all be sorted out.  This is all because of Brexit.  It must be stopped”.

Mrs. Knight is scheduled to appear before a judge in Fuengirola on the 30th of September, 2018.

Written by Jim Carver, Costa Del Sol Update

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  1. It’s Victor, not Vicky, and in your comments, you wrote this: “It was coined by police in America, Spanish Person In Custody. It’s considered very offensive.”. Maybe try a little fact checking now and then, oh but wait, you are a reporter for a third-rate news blog, no need, never mind! Probably just a bunch of Spics writing this anyway. 🙂

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