British Parliament Could Move To Marbella


British Parliament Could Move To Marbella.  Theresa May is considering the drastic move in a bid to cut costs and improve voter satisfaction following Brexit.

British Parliament Could Move To Marbella

British Parliament Could Move To Marbella

The Houses Of Parliament in Westminster are in desperate need of repair and maintenance.  Plans to carry out the work are being drawn up, which will render the building unfit for purpose for several years until the project is complete.  Original plans to relocate the British parliament to Northampton or Hull at a cost of 4 billion pounds have now been scrapped, MPs are favouring a move to Marbella instead.

Tony Thriftwhistle is the UK’s head of Parliamentary Relocations, he says “Moving to Marbella makes a lot of sense.  Property is cheaper there than in the UK.  Well, I mean the nice parts of the UK.  Birmingham would be cheap, but no one wants to go there.  Flights to Marbella are cheaper than putting on limos to London for the MPs.  Food is cheaper in Spain and MPs will not run up huge bar bills because a carton of red wine only costs 99 cents”.

Brexit Backlash

Relocating Parliament to Marbella could be a way for the government to minimise their exposure to the anticipated backlash when Brexit happens.  Edwina Curry is a spokesperson for British Intelligence Timely Compartmentalisation Hierarchy.  She says “It’s a win win situation for the Government.  They save money by being in Spain, which looks great infront of the British taxpayers.  They also get to put some physical distance between themselves and the British taxpayers after Brexit, so they will be able to avoid the inevitable backlash from voters”.

MP Dave Thredbair practising a siesta in Westminster yesterday afternoon


A Place In The Sun

Expats on the Costa Del Sol are reacting badly to the news that British politicians could soon be living amongst them.  Anne Fernandez runs a Brexit protest group on Facebook where people can express their outrage over Brexit and olive oil shortages.  She says “The British politicians just want to be part of our place in the sun, it’s nothing to do with saving money or austerity or anything, they simply want to escape from what Britain will become after Brexit.  It’s outrageous.  I’m outraged.  My members on Facebook are also outraged.  We don’t want them here.”

Steve McCabe MP

Steve McCabe MP is opposed to the move.


There has been some opposition to the proposal from within Westminster.  Steve McCabe is the MP for Birmingham, he says “Actually I’m not the MP for Birmingham, I’m the MP for Selly Oak.   I’m not in favour of this move at all.  There are too many uncertainties.  After Brexit, what would we do about getting healthcare in Spain?  What happens with trying to avoid taxes in Spain after Brexit?  Will we even be allowed to live in Spain after Brexit?  This is why Brexit is so important, so we can finally get the answers, even if they will be coming after the fact.  Rule Britannia”.  

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Written by Craven Moorhead, Costa Del Sol Update

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  1. I realise that UK MPs would really be looking for a holiday in the sun at the expense of taxpayers, but as our representatives (well, not mine, after more than 15 years outside the UK) I hope they’re going to integrate with the local community, eat Spanish food and learn the language, as they’d expect foreign residents in the UK to do. Also, if they spend more than 183 days in Spain, someone should tell them that they need to apply for residency and pay Spanish taxes, although no doubt they’ll have rapidly negotiated special rights which people like me who’ve been permanent residents in Spain for a quarter of a century or more haven’t been able to do in the two years since the Brexit referendum.

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