Building Regulations Target Brits And Tourists


Building Regulations Target Brits And Tourists.  Expats and tourists are outraged at fines levied because of tough new building regulations.

Building Regulations Target Brits And Tourists

Building Regulations Target Brits And Tourists

Earlier this year Costa Del Sol Update received an anonymous tip off from Anne Fernandez, a local campaigner and pillar of the community.  She told us that Torremolinos County Council were considering introducing building regulations which would impact British expats and tourists on the Costa Del Sol.  In April Anne said that “the council are planning to introduce building regulations for building on the beaches.  Any building.  Even sand castles”.


Today we have finally had confirmation that the regulations are being implemented.  Carlos Cangilon from the Building United Torremolinos Terminology says “We did discuss this in April, then we forgot about it and only just remembered.  Yes, we have decided that building regulations on the Costa Del Sol need to more rigorously enforced”.

The regulations are not in fact new, according Sr. Cangilon, but they have not previously been applied to temporary structures.  “We’ve never bothered with buildings made out of sand on the beach, but now we’ve realised that these should be covered by the regulations.  We’re expecting to make lots of money from the fines, excuse me, I meant we’re expecting to dramatically improve safety standards on local beaches”.

Sand Castle

Beach users will need planning permission to erect a sand castle.

Planning Permission Required

From the 1st of July, all buildings on the beaches of the Costa Del Sol must have the required planning permission and then pass safety inspections.  Anna Pala is with Planning Realty Andalucia Terminus, she says the rules are simple.  “If you want to build on the beach, whether it’s a castle in the sand or a phallic symbol, you must have the right paperwork.  Brits think they can come over here and build whatever they like, but they can’t, and now we’re putting a stop to it”.

Building Legally

To be able to build a sand castle, you will need to apply in writing at your local town hall for a building permit which costs €299 (payable in cash).  You then need to have designs drawn up and approved by a certified architect, who will then submit them to the planning department.  If the plans are approved, you will then be able to commence building work.  The work may be periodically inspected by local council officials.

Expats Outraged

The expat community has expressed outrage over these regulations.  Tony Jackhoff is originally from Birmingham and now lives in Estepona, he said “Actually I’m not from Birmingham I’m from Solihull.  This is ridiculous, to do all these things will cost in the region of €3000.  Who is going to pay that just to build a sandcastle?”.

Building Regulations

Costa Del Sol Update has obtained a copy of the building regulations. This is page 742.

Are Brits Being Targeted?

While the regulations don’t specifically target Brits, Philip Glass says it’s clearly aimed at us.  “Who else builds sandcastles?  Only Brits.  We’re being targeted because of Brexit, they see us as easy money now and because we’re not proper Europeans there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Outraged Expats

Our anonymous source Anne Fernandez represents a group of expats who express outrage online about important political issues, including The Brexit Party turning their backs on parliament during the European anthem, and the popularity of the mullet hairstyle with British men in their 50s.

Anne says “Since I brought this to your attentions your reporters haven’t left a stone unturned.  They were probably looking for loose change to be honest as you don’t pay very well.  However, my members are outraged by this.  It’s going to scare off tourists, and it’s destroying beach time for expat families.  I’ve already seen the police out in force handing out fines to families building sand castles.”

Guardia Civil Tank

The new Guardia Civil “Beach Building Patrol” vehicle .

Will you continue to build sand castles on the beach and risk a fine? Leave your comment below!

Written by Chris P. Bacon, Costa Del Sol Update.


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