Costa Del Sol Drone Chaos


Costa Del Sol Drone Chaos. Police have evacuated a section of coastline between Fuengirola and Marbella.

Costa Del Sol Drone Chaos

Costa Del Sol Drone Chaos

An illegal drone spotted on the Costa Del Sol has caused chaos today, as police have evacuated a section of coastline between Fuengirola and Marbella. A spokesperson for La Cala County Council told Costa Del Sol Update “This incident has affected literally tens of people. We are working hard to find the culprits”.

El Faro Lighthouse

The drone was spotted near the famous lighthouse at El Faro.

Clear And Present Danger

The drone was spotted at approximately 10.43am today by expat Kenneth Soaper, originally from Birmingham. He says “Actually i’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Bearwood. I saw the drone and immediately knew something was wrong. There’s no way a drone should be flying here, it poses a clear and present danger to our privacy. I phoned the police right away”.

Kenneth Soaper

Kenneth Soaper phones the police immediately.

Mass Panic

The area affected by the drone was a section of coastline near to the lighthouse at El Faro. The beach at Playa Marina is a popular spot for naturists. Six people were using the beach at the time. Peter Potter says “This is serious stuff. Someone was flying this drone over the beach, clearly trying to create a mass panic. They succeeded, I barely had time to put my shorts on before taking cover”.

El Faro Beach

Its not clear if this picture was taken before of after the drone incident.


Spanish Police Seek Help From The UK

Spanish Police immediately contacted their counterparts in Sussex who have recently had experience dealing with drones. Senor Fiddler says “The British were very helpful, they advised that we close the entire Costa Del Sol, bring in military experts, create lots of fuss, not actually shoot the drone down and then arrest two people who had absolutely nothing to do with any of this.”

“However” Senor Fiddler continues “We decided it would be easier to just wait for the drone to fly off, which it did, then get back to our coffee and cake.”


A picture of a drone which might look a bit like the one which caused chaos on the Costa Del Sol

Charles Muggins is a representative from Drone Intelligence Costa Knowledge. He says “My organisation was set up 8 years ago to deal with exactly this sort of situation, this incident proves how valuable my department is to the safety and privacy of nudists on Christmas eve“.

Drone Beach

A genuine photo of the drone flying over the beach. Our art department assure us that this isn’t a rushed photoshop job because it’s Christmas Eve and they want to go home and get drunk.

Expats Blame Brexit

British expats have been outraged by the presence of the drone. Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where people can express their outrage over important issues like Brexit and the optimal roasting time for an average sized turkey. She told us “My members are outraged by this incident. Why would someone would fly a drone over an almost deserted nudist beach in December? If they’d waited until August then they’d have got to photograph many more naked people. Obviously the drone operator is a Brexiteer. Clueless”.

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Written by Sid James, Carry On Costa Del Sol Update.




  1. I was on the beach when this drone thingy came buzzing over. Now I have not spent boodles of cash in the gym perfecting my body to cover it up at the first sighting of a peeping tom using a drone, so I stood up proud, flexed my muscles at it (yes, even that one although that was more due to viagra than lifting weights. Obviously the operator felt so inferior that he prompty buzzed off, so you can all thank me (and megapharm) for seeing him off. Roger de Lodgerly.

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