Crimewatch Moving To The Costa Del Sol


Crimewatch Moving To The Costa Del Sol.  Helping to catch the criminals who are hiding out in Spain.

Crimewatch Moving To The Costa Del Sol

Crimewatch Moving To The Costa Del Sol

The recently axed BBC show Crimewatch already has a new home on an expat TV channel in southern Spain.  Benalmadena L!VE TV is a spin off from the hugely successful L!VE TV brand in the UK, and promises to return Crimewatch to it’s former glory with dramatic reconstructions and over zealous past their best TV presenters.

Crimewatch TV Show Rights

The owners of Benalmadena L!VE TV are confident they they have everything in place to make the show a success.  TV boss Keith Scroggs says “We haven’t exactly bought the rights to Crimewatch, because the BBC wouldn’t sell them to us, so we’ve changed the show’s name to Costa Del Crimewatch which should get us out of any hot water.”

Crimewatch Production Office

Crimewatch production is being moved to this prestigious facility near Benalmadena

New Format

Costa Del Sol Crimewatch will have a new and improved format.  As well as reporting on crimes which the police are already aware of, the new show will invite viewers to report crimes as well.  The show is still in the pre-production stages but producer Steve Austin says the public response  has been overwhelming.  “We’ve solved our first crime before we’ve even gone to air!  A woman called our new Crimeline to tip us off that her neighbour in Benalmadena was a wanted fugitive, on the run from British police.”

Steve told Costa Del Sol Update “We sent a team round to confront the neighbour who admitted having a VHS copy of Top Gun which she never returned to Blockbuster on New Street in Birmingham.  We have passed her details onto police, and tried to contact a representative at Blockbuster though no one there seems to be answering the phone”.

Costa Del Sol Update spoke to the fugitive Barbara Gordon who told us that it is all a simple mistake.  “I’m not on the run from anyone.  I’m not even from Birmingham, I was just visiting when I saw this film I liked the look of and rented it.  It was a good film, but I forgot about.  When I found it years later I thought there was no point trying to take it back.  Then my neighbour here spotted it on my bookshelf and dobbed me in.  I’ve lived here for 20 years and never known the like of it.  Don’t these people have anything better to do?”

Top Gun Video

The team at Costa Del Crimewatch have already tracked down this stolen VHS tape

Dramatic Reconstructions

Brian Braddock from the TV station is planning to film some dramatic reconstructions to help spur the public into action.  He said “There is no shortage of out of work British actors here on the Costa Del Sol, they all come here when they can’t get parts in Heartbeat or whatever it is.”


Brian has already been filming here.  “We’ve already filmed a reconstruction of a notorious crime which took place last week.  A young child, thought to be a local criminal mastermind, stole a sum of money from a cafe on Benalmadena marina.  A customer had left a generous tip, about 10 cents, on the table which the boy stole.  We hope to bring him to justice soon”.

Old Video Camera

The production team are already working on dramatic reconstructions

Crime Hotline

Costa Del Crimewatch has set up it’s own Crime Hotline, which expats can call with either leads on existing criminal cases, or information about a crime which they’d like to report.  The premium rate number costs €17 a minute to phone, and most calls will be placed into a queuing system.  Oliver Queen from Costa Del Crimewatch says “We’re not the BBC, there’s no public funding for us.  Anyone who calls our new Crime Hotline will be helping to pay for the production costs which could run to as much as €117 per episode”.

Red Phone

A premium rate crime hotline has been set up

Public Reaction

Public reaction to the new TV show has been mixed.  Paul Cannon lives in Marbella and says “I used to enjoy Crimewatch, will they be bringing back Anne Robinson?  If I can find the channel I’ll probably watch it.  If Heartbeat isn’t on at the same time”

Donna Troy lives in Nerja and says “It doesn’t sound very good really, like a Chinese shop version of Crimewatch.  Why aren’t they out looking for mafia bosses and the drugs lords who are hiding out here?  No one cares about a kid nicking 10 cents from a restaurant.  I might watch it though, I’m sure that kid was my neighbour’s boy.  He’s a baddun”.

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Written by Chris P. Bacon, Costa Del Sol Update.  17.10.2017

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  1. I spoke to the fugitives husband Jim and he reckons she was loving all the attention she was getting from this and is in process of going thru loads of old boxes to see what else she has tucked away. JIm (in his official role with the local police) also asked if you had contact details for Mr Queen, said something about a 10 year old missing persons case and trespassing on a private island??!!?
    Like Steve the producers says ” The million dollar question is, Man! how can these people look at themselves in the mirror!” and I agree , they are Major bad people!
    Donna is right about that kid thou, seen him trekking down from Nerja to Fuengirola to nick tips off tables

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