Essex Girl Furious After Fuengirola Supermarket Slur


Essex Girl Furious After Fuengirola Supermarket Slur. Charmaine Smith was viciously insulted whilst shopping with her father in a Fuengirola store

Essex Girl Furious After Fuengirola Supermarket Slur

Charmaine has been crying for almost 4 hours

Essex Girl Furious After Fuengirola Supermarket Slur

24 year old Charmaine Smith from Jaywick in Essex has been left shocked and traumatised after a Fuengirola shopkeeper viciously insulted her, in front of her horrified father Terry.  The holidaymakers had visited the shop to stock up on food for their self catered 2* apartment on the Costa Del Sol.

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Charmaine described how she asked a supermarket assistant for help, and was left reeling after an unexpected and unprovoked insult.  Miss. Smith told Costa Del Sol Update “I’m quite good at Spanish, and I decided to ask for help in the shop.  I said to the man ‘innit bruv, where is el breado por favor?’.  He obviously didn’t understand, which is like well odd because my Spanish is well good.

Spanish Supermarket

A supermarket which looks a bit like the one Charmaine Smith and her dad went to.

Having failed to communicate effectively with the assistant, Miss. Smith opened a picture of a loaf of bread on her phone and showed it to the shop assistant.  She describes what happened next.  “He took me and dad down this well cold aisle and handed me a loaf of bread.  I was happy with that, because I wanted bread, innit”.

“It’s only when I got to the checkout I saw he’d given me bread with BIMBO written on the side.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was like well in shock.  He thinks that just because I’m blonde and from Essex innit that I’m a bimbo.  I was furious.  I’ve never been so insulted, except for the time that man in the warehouse at work said I was a 6 out of 10 at best.”

Bimbo Bread

A picture of the loaf of bread which offended Miss. Smith


Miss. Smith then demanded to see the store manager who attended the scene but was not helpful.  She says “he kept pointing at the bread with bimbo written on it and pointing at me with his well bony finger.  My dad was going to knock him out right there,  but he’s had a tattoo done on his knuckles last night and they’re still well sore, so he swore at the man instead.  He’s well hard is my dad”.

The father and daughter stormed out of the shop and went to find an English cafe where they could get some proper food and “not that foreign muck they serve here”, Mr. Smith told us.

Terry, Charmaine’s father, witnessed the vicious insult

Terry Smith, 39, is originally from Birmingham.  He said “actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Wolverhampton, but I’ve lived in Essex since Charmaine was born innit.  I can’t believe these foreigners think they can insult my daughter like this.  To actually have a wrapper made with bimbo written on it, and hand it to her, is cruel and offensive”.

“This has ruined our holiday” Mr. Smith said.  “We saved up for ages to come here, collected loads of tokens from The Sun and then we upgraded our one and a half star apartment to a well posh two star. It’s got a kettle in it and everything. I’ll be complaining to our rep about this.  The sooner Brexit happens the better.  I won’t be coming back here. We’ll be going to Southend next year.  You don’t get treated like this in Southend”.

Written by Penny Tentiary, Costa Del Sol Update

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