Expat Falls Foul Of Little Known Law


Expat Falls Foul Of Little Known Law.  A British expat in Nerja has been arrested for incitement to break labour regulations

Expat Falls Foul Of Little Known Law

Expat Falls Foul Of Little Known Law

A 42 year old British mum in Nerja has been arrested after falling foul of a little known law whilst shopping in a local supermarket.  Stephanie Batter was at the checkout at a well known supermarket when an incident occurred which has left her puzzled and shaken.

Birmingham born Mrs. Batter said “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Bordesley Green.  I don’t really know what happened.  I was at the checkout, and the cashier had scanned all my shopping through and yelled BALSA!!!! at me.  Then I stood there waiting to pay and her colleague approached and they started chatting”

Fanny Batter

Mrs. Batter at a supermaket checkout

Trying To Pay For Shopping

Mrs. Batter, who had her seven children with her at the time, describes what happened next.  “I gave them a minute to talk in case their conversation was important but it didn’t stop.  After five minutes I interrupted as politely as possible.  The next thing I knew the cashier jumped up, yelled at me, stormed off and returned with the manager”.

Mercadonna Bag

We couldn’t find a picture of a Mercadonna cashier working, so here is a nice shot of a bag for life

She Was On A Break

The manager explained to Mrs. Batter that the cashier has just begun her break and couldn’t be expected to serve me.  Mrs. Batter said “I asked the manager why someone else had not come to finish my transaction, and he just looked at me and said that would be ridiculous. He then asked me and the children to accompany him to his office, but there wasn’t room for the kids in there, so we waited outside.  The next thing I knew, the police had arrived and I was arrested”.

The police have charged Mrs.Batter with trying to coerce the supermarket worker into breaking labour rules and regulations by working during her break.  Sergio Mendes is a minister with the Department For Unlikely But Still Enforceable Labour Laws.  He told Costa Del Sol Update that “Encouraging someone to work when they are technically on a break is a serious offence.  This is what the police are here for, and they will enforce these rules, as long as they are not on a break.”

John Batter

John Batter, pictured at home infront of his wife’s favourite Ikea style mirror

It’s An Outrage

Stephanie Batter now has been released on bail, pending an appearance before a judge.  Her husband John said “My Fanny has taken a real pounding, emotionally, it’s an outrage.  She only wanted to pay for her shopping.  Fanny is traumatised by this.  She’s a worrier. Fanny flaps when she’s in a tizzy.  I can’t wait for Brexit to happen so that unelected supermarket managers can’t have us arrested for trying to pay for our shopping”.

Local Support For Fanny Batter

Brian Miller is with the the Nerja And District Social, he says “We stand with Stephanie Batter all the way.  We didn’t know that this law existed and are now petitioning for supermarkets to display warning signs to prevent something like this from happening to anyone else”.


Mrs. Batter will be shopping at Supersol in the future

Mrs. Batter has vowed never to return to this supermarket.  She said “I’m never going back to Mercadonna again.  I hate that stupid jingle anyway.  We’re doing all our shopping at SuperSol now.  It’s going to be more expensive but you get what you pay for”.

Have you fallen foul of this little known local law? Have your say in the comments below!

Written by Anna Prentice, Costa Del Sol Update.  15.10.2017

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  1. Don’t go to Aldi’s.

    Was in the queue for half an hour today. There was something about a receipt. Some old lady bought some moltons or something. And she came back. Or whatever. The cashier was attending her, though it was not her turn. At all.. Forgetting my turn. And then I was only second in line. There was an older gentleman before me. Still had a bandaid on his arm from a bloodtest. Or whatever. He had to wait too. The other cashier came over as well. So we both had to wait even longer. Because first the cashiers had to discuss what the problem was. With the moltons. Or whatever. It took ages!
    When the cashier finally had time, he said to the man in front of me “disculpame”. That is not a “sorry bout all that” but a “forgive me”. So they do not even know the difference between a supermarket and a catholic church on Sunday morning!

    Still praise the cashier, because the manager on duty probably was having another w**k in the office. And you do not say that to clients. It is not “cordial”, not polite. But at least the old man in front of me would have been more cosiderate, knowing thàt indeed, with age, takes time.

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