Expat Restaurant Criticised For Disgusting New Serving Style


Expat Restaurant Criticised For Disgusting New Serving Style. A once popular restaurant in Marbella is on the verge of bankruptcy following public criticism over it’s new serving style

Expat Restaurant Criticised For Disgusting New Serving Style

Expat Restaurant Criticised For Disgusting New Serving Style

A restaurant owned by a British couple which is popular with expats on the Costa Del Sol is facing closure after an unexpected backlash over it’s new serving style.  The Cuenco De Porcelana has been open in Marbella for 12 years, and has previously been praised for it’s innovative ideas.

One Step Ahead

The restaurant is owned by Pat and Cat Rokbotum from Birmingham.  58 year old Pat says the complaints have been flooding in since he introduced a new style of food presentation.  Pat told us “Actually we’re not from Birmingham, we’re from Aston.  We always like to be one step ahead of trends, our customers love it.  We were the first to start serving food on slate tiles, people loved that.  Then we started using wooden breadboards.  People loved that too.  But our new idea has not gone down as well as I’d hoped”.

Food Breadboard

The restaurant was one of the first to present food on a breadboard.

Pat went on to say “We wanted to reflect the popularity of recycling, and decided to re-purpose and recondition some lovely toilets which had been taken out of a disused nightclub.  It seemed a shame to let them go to waste.  Obviously they’ve been thoroughly cleaned, but people are refusing to eat out of them.  I just don’t understand why”.

Toilet Bowl Stew

This photo has appeared on Tripadvisor with the caption “disgusting”


Business Going Down The Pan

Pat and Cat are now on the verge of bankruptcy after the restaurant was described on Tripadvisor as “disgusting”.  However, the couple are vowing to fight on with their idea.  Cat said “People don’t know what’s best, we do.  We’ve been in business here for long enough to know that the customer is hardly ever right.  They will come round to our way of thinking”.

Eating Toilet Seat

Restaurant owner Pat says some customers may prefer to have the food on a plate, which can then be supported on a toilet seat instead of being consumed directly from the bowl.

Health And Safety

The Heath and Safety Prevention Office in Marbella does not have a problem with this new way of presenting food.  Alejandro De Sinfectante is the Officer For inspecting British Restaurants Using Toilets To Serve Food.  He said “I took this job because I didn’t think I’d ever have to do any work, but someone actually has started serving food out of toilets.  Seems alright though.  I might visit next week to make sure”.

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Written by Uesugi Kenshin, Costa Del Sol Update, 31.10.2017




  1. I was one of the ones who went there. I ordered their Goulash and rice. I was surprised to see it arrive on a lavatory seat, but I’ve been up north to Dunstable and I’m fully aware of how primitive things are up there in the Grim North of England.

    My complaint certainly wasn’t about the Goulash, which was redolent with spices and gave an authentic taste of Hungary. Compliments to the chef.

    My complaint was that the gravy from the Goulash ran off the back of the lavatory seat and stained my shirt and trousers. When I rose from the table, it looked exactly as if a brewery horse, suffering from explosive diarrhea had defecated violently whilst I had been behind it – something that hasn’t happened to me for months.

    May I suggest dustbin lids in future. Edgy. Contemporary. Imaginative.

    It’s a winner. I’d be back regularly if they would do that.

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