Experts Reveal Shocking Marbella Discovery


Experts Reveal Shocking Marbella Discovery.  Geographical experts from around the world have descended on the Costa Del Sol and revealed a shocking discovery.

Experts Reveal Shocking Marbella Discovery

Experts Reveal Shocking Marbella Discovery

In June 2016 a TV show called Playa In Marbella aired in the UK which called into question everything we thought we knew about the geographical make up of the Costa Del Sol.  Since then tourist boards, travel agents, community associations, school groups, and the Spanish government have been considering printing new maps and road signs amidst a growing number of court cases and compensation claims.

For years, locals and expats had considered the quiet seaside town of La Cala De Mijas to be a located between Fuengirola and Marbella, but this TV show surprisingly claimed that La Cala is actually part of Marbella.

Confusion ensued, with tourists arriving in Marbella to catch a glimpse of the stars of the TV show, only to find that they weren’t in Marbella. In fact, to reach the filming location required a 19.6km drive from the centre of Marbella.  24 year old Chardonnay Le Smith from Basildon said “I booked a hotel in Marbella with my girls so we could be near the well cool people from the TV show with Elliot Wright and then I got here and found out it’s actually no where near Marbella.  It’s disgraceful.  I was ripped off.”

Elliot Wright Playa In Marbella

Fans had hoped to catch a glimpse of the star of the show.

Compensation Claims

Dozens of tourists have tried to take legal action against the Costa Del Sol for misleading them with relation to the geographical location of La Cala. The Costa Del Sol’s Department For Misrepresentation of Geographical Locations In British TV Shows has now hit back with it’s own series of lawsuits.  Pedro El Mapa said “Why didn’t these people just look at a map?  We’ve always said that La Cala De Mijas is not in Marbella.  Have they not heard of Google?”.

Expert Analysis

A team of experts from around the world were been brought in to investigate. Using state of the art technology, and months of painstaking investigations, they have at last revealed their shocking discovery.

Professor James Cook pHD DUI STI from Birmingham said “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I just flew here from Birmingham airport.  We were right all along, La Cala is not in Marbella.  There is a playa in Marbella, but that’s Marbella playa, the playa in La Cala is not the same as the playa in Marbella.  There’s no doubt, we are 100% certain that we are 85% correct”.

Marbella Map

Our design team have come up with this simple but pleasing map to illustrate the expert’s discovery.

The TV show Playa In Marbella now stands accused of misleading it’s viewers, who were both under the impression that the playa was in Marbella.

The TV Show

We are unable to show you a clip of the actual show for copyright reasons, but we can show you this picture of a man watching Playa In Marbella.

Watching Playa In Marbella

A man photographed after watching the first ten minutes of the programme.

Playa Not In Marbella

A spokesperson for the TV production company said “We weren’t trying to mislead people, just bend the truth a little. We wanted the show to be sexy and cool, and Marbella reflects these things with it’s designer shops and luxury bars and cafes. It also helped that the Spanish word for beach rhymes with Marbella. If we’d called it ‘Overpriced Cafe Next To The Beach In A Town Full Of Pensioners’ I’m certain no one would have watched it.

The show which aired on ITV hasBEen in 2016 will be forced to change it’s name when the second series begins filming.  Suggestions so far include “Playa Near Marbella”, and “Playa On The Very Far Outskirts Of Marbella”.

If you have any suggestions please contribute them in the comments box below.

Written by Christopher Columbus, Costa Del Sol Update, 28.10.2017





  1. what a load of rubbish, quite clearly on the map La Cala is not in Marbella but even so it is a lovely seaside resort very popular with the British.

  2. It is Putinomics. Move enough people in, and then declare independence. In case Gib is lost. I am sure May is behind this.

  3. Happy kids and furious husbands !!
    The three husbands and al the kids arrived at their rental villa in La Cala.
    The wives caught a flight the following day and then a taxi from the airport.
    The women arrived in La Cala 3 days later.
    The taxi driver delivered the 3 to a hotel in La Cala de Moral not La Cala de Mijas.
    Nb. after the joyous family reunions, the ladies were asked what they did for the 3 days and they explained that lots of very nice young men helped them find their way.

  4. Olivia’s is always promoting them selves as part of Marbella this the confusion caused no thanks to Elliot Wright. He needs to come back to earth and realise that La Cala Mijas is NOT MARBELLA.

  5. So what happens when the north and south pole change polarity, which is due to happen soon, does Marbella then move inland?

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