Gibraltar To Adopt New Currency After Brexit


Gibraltar To Adopt New Currency After Brexit.  The pound will be scrapped and Pesetas will become the new currency of the British enclave 

Gibraltar To Adopt New Currency After Brexit

Gibraltar To Adopt New Currency After Brexit

In a shock announcement today, Gibraltar has confirmed that as soon as Brexit is complete the Peseta will become it’s currency.  The statement was made from a bunker deep within The Rock after Sunday prayers, by the Secretary For Bringing Back Defunct Currencies, Nigel Noswal.

Exchange Rate

The value of the Gibraltar Peseta has not yet been set, but it will likely mirror the virtual currency Bitcoin in terms of actual price. Minister For Exchange Rates And Other Currency Related Matters Gordon Nworb said that the British pound is completely pointless and that’s why it has to go.  “Since Brexit was announced the value of the pound has dropped faster than Daniella Westbrook’s underwear at a party in Marbella.  We need to distance ourselves from this, but of course we can’t take the Euro, because we’re better than Europe.  So we settled on the good old Peseta.”

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Currency Design

A design for the new currency has not yet been revealed, but an insider at the Gibraltar Mint that it will feature the face of actor Andrew Sachs, the beloved actor who passed away in 2016.  Andrew famously portrayed Manuel in classic TV show Fawlty Towers.  Nigel Noswal said “Andrew’s character successfully bridges the gap between the English and Spanish cultures, which is what we’ve been trying to do here in Gibraltar for years”.

Andrew Sachs Manuel

Andrew Sachs as Manuel, who could be the new face of the Gibraltar Peseta

Written by Clive Alive, Costa Del Sol Update

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