Government Announce Important Lockdown Exception


Government Announce Important Lockdown Exception.  The Spanish Government has made an amendment to it’s list of recognised Essential Workers during the lockdown.

Government Announce Important Lockdown Exception

Government Announce Important Lockdown Exception

The Spanish Government have announced an important addition to it’s list of recognised Essential Workers during the current lockdown.  In a decree approved by Parliament earlier today, the Easter Bunny has been given permission to break the conditions of the lockdown in order to deliver essential chocolate supplies this weekend.

The announcement comes just in time to ensure that families in Spain are able to celebrate the true meaning of Easter, by eating a chocolate egg on Sunday.  Carlos Conejo from the Emergency Gastro Group says “We’ve had to rush this through, but we’re confident it’s been done in time, though Karen on Facebook thinks it took too long.  The Guardia Civil and Local Police have all been informed that the Easter Bunny must be able to perform his duties without hindrance.

Easter Bunny Eggs

There are no known pictures of the Easter Bunny, but his press department released this picture featuring a famous Bunny actor who once played the Easter Bunny in an episode of Holby City.

The Easter Bunny will be taking all necessary precautions against the coronavirus.  An anonymous source, Enrique Huevos, told us that The Easter Bunny will be wearing protective rubber gloves, washing his paws frequently, and maintaining social distancing whilst he works this weekend.

Decision Supported By British Community

British expats in Spain have been largely supportive of the government’s decision.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook Group where Brits can express their outrage over important matters like Brexit and the overuse of egg related puns at Easter.  Anne says “I’m outraged to be honest, because I can’t find anything to be outraged about.  My team have been trying to find something outrageous in this news, but we just can’t, and that’s outrageous!  We’re all delighted that we can have chocolate at the weekend.”


“This really is an eggcelent decision, I’m eggstatic about it.” Ms. Fernandez continues, “It’s right that the government have made an eggception for the Easter Bunny.  We were worried about chocolate running out after Breggsit but fortunately that hasn’t happened.  However, must all be careful not to eat too much at Easter because we can’t go outside and eggcersize at the moment.  I tried to hatch a plan that would make it possible, but I was too eggshausted to finish it, so I had to drink an eggspresso to wake me up.  We’re all locked down so we can’t go out eggsploring at the moment.   I’m just pleased that the Easter Bunny will make this weekend eggstra special for us.  At the end of the day, we’re celebrating because chocolate eggs really are hard to beat.”

Chocolate Eggs

Happy Easter from all of us at Costa Del Sol Update. Thankyou for reading and sharing our cutting edge news, we appreciate it and had planned to deliver a chocolate egg to both of our fans but unfortunately we can’t do that because of the lockdown. Sorry.

No Puns Left

John Cadbury from Birmingham now lives in Fuengirola.  He says “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Bourneville.  This is great news though, I’m just not happy that this Fernandez woman got to use all the best best egg related puns and I’m struggling to think of more.  I’m worried I might crack under the pressure”.  

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Written by Toby Lerone, Costa Del Sol Update

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  1. We are only allowed to our local shop and sadly it does not “do” Easter eggs. Ah well, next year…….

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