Grand Theft Auto 6 Marbella


Grand Theft Auto 6 Marbella.  Gamers and Costa Del Sol residents are shocked by the surprise announcement from Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto 6 Marbella

Grand Theft Auto 6 Marbella

Gaming fans are today celebrating the announcement that the latest in the Grand Theft Auto series of video games will be released in 2018.  The new game from Rockstar has been in development for four years, and will be set in Marbella on the south coast of Spain.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has become the most successful video game of all time, selling more than 80 million copies and generating over $5 billion in revenue for the controversial games company Rockstar.

Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 5 has netted a fortune for Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto Six Plot

Details of the plot of the single player game (which will then lead into an online multiplayer arena) are being kept under wraps.  However, an insider told Costa Del Sol update that the main protagonist will be a multi-millionaire English former special forces commander from Royal Leamington Spa, who is now a luxury yacht broker in Marbella.

GTA Yacht

The main character in the GTA 6 story line claims to be a millionaire yacht broker

We understand that the plot will revolve around his descent into crime when it’s revealed he was never in the special forces, isn’t a millionaire at all, and used to run a second hand furniture shop in an Birmingham, not Royal Leamington Spa.

The insider told us “We want to make this game as believable as possible within the GTA universe, so we spent a lot of time in Marbella meeting people for inspiration. We couldn’t believe how many Brits are living there who are all ex special forces with enormous bank accounts, literally every single one of them, it’s amazing. At first we thought they were all just full of bull, but then one of them said ‘trust me mate’ so of course, we did”.

Slim Tim, GTA character

Slim Tim is one of the former special forces commanders now living in Marbella who helped Rockstar research characters for the new game.

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Marbella Has Everything GTA Needs

In a press release this morning, Rockstar games said “Marbella has everything we look for in a Grand Theft Auto game. A marina, wealthy suburbs, over priced real estate, a nearby airport, a military base in Gibraltar, corrupt local government, police who are open to bribes, psychotic drivers, lots of prostitutes and drugs gangs. It’s like they took Los Santos from GTA 5 and made it into a real place, it’s perfect”.

Marbella Party

Marbella is full of people who think they are richer and better looking than they really are, according to Slim Tim.


To make sure people get a feel for the Spanish lifestyle when playing GTA6 Marbella, Rockstar are building in some exciting new features.  Our insider told us “If you’re playing GTA6 Marbella between two and four in the afternoon, you won’t be able to do anything.  Literally the whole game shuts down, as all the characters go for a siesta.  This should create some frustration so players will really be venting on each other after the siesta time.”

“We’re also changing the driving dynamics of the game” the Rockstar insider told us.  “In the current game, if you driver like a moron eventually the police will come after you.  In Grand Theft Auto 6 Marbella, everyone will drive like half brained suicidal teenagers.  Even the police.  When we were in Marbella we were amazed that the way we drive in GTA5 is how they actually drive in real life. It’s brilliant!”.

GTA Driving

Driving in GTA6 will be even crazier than GTA5, almost as crazy as actually driving in Marbella

Real World Location

This is the first time that a Grand Theft Auto game has been set in a real location. Previous instalments have all been set in fictional recreations of real places. Our source at Rockstar said “This is a huge coup for us. We spoke to the owners of Marbella, a gentleman called Big Dave and his associate Terry Knuckles who have granted us a license to use the name and everything associated with it. It was incredibly expensive, but we feel it will be well worth it for fans of the franchise”.


Marbella is the first real world location for a Grand Theft Auto game.

This Isn’t Marbella

The reaction from people in Marbella has not been positive though. Niko Bellic lives in Puerto Banus and told us “These games are great fun, but not here please. We don’t want the rest of the world thinking that this is really what it’s like in Marbella”.

Solomon Richards lives in the Marbella Hills and said “There’s more to Marbella than drugs and prostitutes, probably”.

Andreas Sanches represents the Misrepresentation of Marbella in Video Games Department Of Regional Government. He says “We might have to investigate taking legal action over this, we don’t even know who agreed to sell the rights for Marbella to Rockstar but it certainly wasn’t us. This madness has to be stopped.  Marbella is a great place with luxury shopping from major brands, a beautiful marina, fantastic nightlife, and other stuff which is quite good too.”

Marbella Fashion Gucci

Marbella is home to luxury brands including Gucci and some other big names.

Moving Away From America

American fans of the franchise have been puzzled by the move. Laslow Jones said “Gee man I’ve never heard of Marbella. Is it in New York?”. Michael Santos said “Wow, the game is going to Europe, that’s amazing man. I love Marbella, it’s one of my favourite parts of London.”

GTA 6 Location

We’ve created this handy map to illustrate how far away from America the new GTA 6 game is going to be set.

Grand Theft Auto VI Marbella will be available in shops and online from the 29th February 2018 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Spectrum Plus, Atari 2600, and Sega Gamegear.

Are you happy to see Marbella represented in Grand Theft Auto?  Have your say in the comments box below!

Written by Trevor Philips, Costa Del Sol Update.  23.10.2017




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