Insurance Company Rejects Claim By British Tourist


Insurance Company Rejects Claim By British Tourist.  Following a spate of false claims for food poisoning, insurance companies are now facing a new type of claim by British tourists

Insurance Company Rejects Claim By British Tourist

Insurance Company Rejects Claim By British Tourist

British holiday insurance companies have been alerted to a new scam being perpetrated by some British tourists visiting the Costa Del Sol.  Following a spate of false claims for food poisoning by tourists who were never ill, the insurance companies are now on the look out for travellers who put in false mosquito bite claims.

Tourists have been returning to Britain and submitting claims for severe mosquito bites.  Whist on rare occasions a mosquito bite in southern Spain can be dangerous, in the vast majority of cases it is little more than an irritation.

Mosquito Biting

A mosquito caught in the act.

British Tourist Arrested

Seth Brundle from Manchester spent a week in Torremolinos with his family,and says a mosquito ruined their holiday.  He told Costa Del Sol Update “I was bitten on my left buttock on our first night in the hotel.  This was disastrous for me, as the itching kept me awake for hours.  It was so bad that I couldn’t stop scratching it, even on the beach, which lead to me being arrested for indecent behaviour”.

“When the police realised  what was going on they thought it was hilarious and released me, they told me to go to the chemist.  When I got there, I don’t speak Spanish, so I tried to show the girl what had happened.  As soon as I pulled my genuine Armani bermuda shorts down, she screamed and called the police.  I was arrested again”.

Seth Brundle

Mr. Brundle wearing his new ASDA T shirt on the beach shortly before his arrest.

Mr. Brundle was eventually released for the second time, but had to spend the rest of his holiday in the hotel room as he was too worried about scratching his bottom in public.  He put in a claim through his insurance when he got home, but that claim has been rejected.


Insurance Claim Denied

Veronica Quaife from Birmingham based insurance firm Barely Covered said “Actually we’re not Birmingham based, we’re in Leamington Spa.  This is not the first case of mosquito bite fraud we’ve seen this year.  People are trying desperately hard to get money out of insurance companies but we won’t let this happen.  We don’t pay out even for a genuine claim, there’s no way anyone is getting anything with this scam”.

Torremolinos Beach

Torremolinos beach where Mr. Brundle was arrested.

Disappointed With The Decision

Mr. Brundle says he is disappointed by the decision and feels let down.  “It’s a genuine claim, I was bitten.  I even kept the dead mosquito, it tried to bite my wife Gloria on the bottom as well but she sat on it and it died.  Poor thing didn’t stand much of a chance really”.

“My claim wasn’t over the top” Mr. Brundle continues.  “The holiday cost £317 pounds from Fleepit Travel, I’ve asked for the £317 pounds back, plus £20,000 in damages and £119,000 for lost earnings.  Well, lost benefits, cos I can’t get to the post office to collect them for a few weeks.  That bite is still there, do you want to see it?”.

Mosquito Bite Picture

A picture of the bite which our photographer didn’t really want to have to take.

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Written by Geoff Goldbum, Costa Del Sol Update.  27.10.2017



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