Malaga Airport Bans Shoes


Malaga Airport Bans Shoes. From the 1st September 2018 travellers will not be permitted to wear shoes anywhere inside the terminal building.

Malaga Airport Bans Shoes

Malaga Airport Bans Shoes

EXCLUSIVE: in a board meeting this week, Malaga airport executives have ruled that from the 1st of September 2018 shoes will not be permitted inside the terminal building. The ruling aims to speed up check in and arrival procedures, reduce potential security incidents, and increase comfort levels for customers.

Alfonso Pies from the Malaga Airport Customer Footwear Department says that it’s been a long time coming. “For years, customers have had to remove shoes at check in for security checks. This can be time consuming and unpleasant for airport staff. By banning all shoes inside the terminal we will be able to speed up check in and increase customer satisfaction levels”.

The new rule currently only applies to Malaga Airport. The new Malaga Merida Airport is not expected to introduce this policy.

Bad Feet Flip Flops

Alfonso Pies suggests that British people have the worst feet.

Customer Comfort

The new ruling isn’t just a security and safety measure though, it’s aimed at improving customer comfort. Senor Pies says “With the hot weather here on the Costa Del Sol, some customers suffer from extreme perspiration of the feet. Mainly British people. This can create an unpleasant odour, making the airport experience unpleasant for some visitors. By removing the shoes altogether, we will be able to eliminate the smell of camembert from the terminal, except around the French cheese shop, where it will be unavoidable”.

Shoe Bin

Shoes can be left in these secure shoe deposit boxes for collection at a later date.

Hygienic Protective Foot Wraps

Members of the public have expressed concern about being barefoot in the airport. Hygienic protective wraps (which will be sponsored by local businesses) will be provided for a small fee to anyone who wishes to keep their feet covered. These can be purchased at the main entrance to the airport, and will be permitted inside the building. Shoes must be placed inside luggage, or left outside the airport in special shoe racks where they can be retrieved upon leaving the building.

Hygienic Foot Wraps

These hygienic foot wraps (sponsored by local businesses) will be available for just ten euros.


Improved Air Quality

Some airport users have reacted positively to the news. Claire Bare is originally from Birmingham but now lives in Estepona. She told Costa Del Sol Update “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Solihull. I think this is great. There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by people with smelly feet in the airport. If no one is wearing shoes, it should really improve the air quality inside the building”.

Brits Outraged

However, not everyone is delighted about the new ruling. Anne Fernandez represents a group of expats who specialise in expressing outrage through a Facebook group. She said “My members are appalled by this news, they are outraged. It’s a ridiculous idea, it’s not safe, it won’t make anything better inside the airport. It’s just an excuse to rip people off, ten euros for what looks like a plastic bag to put on your feet. This is because of Brexit. It’s clearly a reaction to us taking back control”.

Bad Feet

Customers with inappropriate feet will be forced to buy a pedicure on their way into the airport.

Compulsory Pedicure

Customers whose feet are considered unsuitable for public display will be forced to have a compulsory pedicure on the way into the airport. This will cost €74. Any customers caught wearing shoes, or unofficial foot wraps inside Malaga airport will be subject to an on the spot fine between €80 and €240 depending on their nationality.

Daniella Westbrook Arrested

In a recent 24 hour trial of the footwear ban, British celebrity Daniella Westbrook refused to remove her shoes. She was subsequently arrested at Malaga Airport and detained at a local police station overnight. Miss. Westbrook’s agent has been unavailable for comment.

Daniella Westbrook

Daniella Westbrook was recently arrested at Malaga Airport for refusing to remove her shoes.

Enrique Tacón is chairman of the Malaga Airport Celebrity Shoe Removal Team. He says no one is exempt from the ruling. “This must be followed by everyone, even celebrities. We were disappointed that Miss. Westbrook wouldn’t remove her shoes, and had to arrest her. A famous A list television star like her should be setting an example”.

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Written by Mike Lunge, Costa Del Sol Update, 18.05.2018



  1. This has to be a wind up, my diabetic sister HAS to wear shoes as any trauma to the foot, standing on a floor with no shoes, cause an ulcer, which potentially could lead to amputation. Also, bags on feet on tiles, slippy = lots of suing about to happen . Seriously are there not more news worthy stories to dedicate a column to? Than to stir up social media with hoaxes and stupidness. How about raising awareness for the march tomorrow in Malaga regarding the murder of Little 3 year old, Lucia Vivar??? Bloody stupid, there are some people who are going to be falling for this you silly people.

  2. Verrucas come to mind, people can be infected with anything should someone have an open cut.. This has to be a prank surely.

  3. What a brilliant innovation. For far too long have we suffered the malodorous feet of the unwashed hordes of tourists that descend on us in our peaceful British enclaves each summer. They remove their semi-fossilised and pungent footwear at the security points without let nor hindrance, nor concern for the miasmic clouds caused by the practice Fortunately, being righteous, it will have little effect on me, as I float 3″ above the floor upon which common mortals must stand.

  4. Won’t be going to the toilet them. I’ll pee I’m a bottle and leave it on the bar.

  5. Despicable! I’m considered something of a celebrity here on the Isle of Wight (I’m the weatherman on board Radio Free Ventnor’s pirate radio tug MV Sir Jimmy Savile OBE) and have no intention of cow-towing to these third world psychopaths, or whatever. At the very least there should be a separate departure lounge for celebrities to save us stepping in the fungal spore-blizzard left by our rat-infested listeners.

  6. If this is serious, and your footwear is in your luggage to comply with the rules… what happens on a return flight when you arrive in cold England? (or wherever). And in order to comply on the out-going arrival, at what point would they like people to take their shoes off? Back in their departure airport who don’t have the same stupid rule? Or while they’re on the plane? Do the removed shoes count as part of the hand luggage allowance? because these parts of the idea have not been thought through I have to say this has to be a hoax.

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