Mystery As Brits In Spain Vanish


Mystery As Brits In Spain Vanish.  There is concern and confusion after a number of British expats in Spain have mysteriously disappeared.

Mystery As Brits In Spain Vanish

Mystery As Brits In Spain Vanish

There is alarm and concern today after it’s been revealed that a number of British expats in Spain have mysteriously and suddenly vanished.  The Spanish government have put together an action team to find out what has happened to these people.

Heading up the new team in Spain is detective Inspector Jacques Clouseau.  He says the first thing the team are doing is looking for clues.  “We must find out what all these people have in common, except for being British, and that could help us to trace them”.

Boris Johnson Zipwire

Because of the lockdown our photographers are all at home getting drunk, so here’s a picture of Boris Johnson instead of one that’s relevant to the article.

Social Media Posts

Early investigations have revealed that all those Brits who have vanished were recently posting on social media about the current coronavirus outbreak.  Inspector Clouseau says “Everyone who has vanished has posted on social media that the virus is being exaggerated. Posts like ‘Flu is worse than coronavirus’ and ‘the media is scaremongerong’ and ‘it’s just like having a cold’ have all been seen on their timelines.”

James Bergerac from Coronavirus Regional Andalucia Protection believes that these people haven’t actually vanished at all.  “I think they are deliberately hiding, because they are suffering from a medical condition called Egg On Face, which causes enormous embarrassment.  It’s likely that after a period of time, when their social media rants have been forgotten, they will reappear and hope that no one noticed”.

Egg On Face

It’s possible that the missing Brits are suffering from Egg On Face after recent social media posts about the coronavirus.


Outraged Expats

Some expats have expressed outrage that more isn’t being done to find the missing people.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where Brits express their outrage over Brexit and not being allowed to leave the house and play bingo during the lockdown in Spain.  Anne says “We’re all outraged that because of the lockdown these people have just been able to vanish and not own up to their own stupidity.  One of them even posted on his page ‘I’m always the first to admit when I’m wrong’ then vanished as soon as it was proved he was wrong.  It’s outrageous.”

Stew Pidd

Stew Pidd thinks this is fake news.

Stew Pidd from Birmingham hasn’t vanished though.  He said “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Solihul.  This is fake news.  For sure.  Fake news.  Boris is best.  Go our for a walk. It’s no worse than a cold.”

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Written by Hercule Poirot, Costa Del Sol Update

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