Mystery Surrounds 14 Year Old Letter


Mystery Surrounds 14 Year Old Letter.  A British family in Malaga have received a letter and clues to an 8 million pound fortune which was posted 14 years ago.

Mystery Surrounds 14 Year Old Letter

Mystery Surrounds 14 Year Old Letter

A British family in Malaga are trying to trace the previous occupiers of their apartment after a mysterious letter was delivered by Correos.  The letter is dated 8th November 2003, and contains information about a family inheritance from a solicitor in the UK.

Pat Clifton, who lives on the outskirts of Malaga with his daughter Jessica, told Costa Del Sol Update “This letter arrived, addressed to a Mrs. Goggins, no first name.  I’ve no idea who she is but I’ve lived here for 8 years and never heard of her.  I can only assume she’s a previous tenant.”

Pat Clifton

Pat Clifton is now trying to trace the intended recipient of the letter.

Appealing For Help

Mr. Clifton is now appealing for help in tracing Mrs. Goggins.  “I opened the letter because it’s so old I thought it would be ok.  I’m trying to trace this woman as the letter is from a solicitor in Birmingham called Chris Beacon saying that she has inherited a large amount of money from her great aunt Lauren Taylor.   The letter says that she has inherited in the region of 8 million pounds, before fees and taxes”.

Mr. Clifton continues “I’d like to ask the readers of your respected and very popular publication for their help in tracing this woman, this kind of money could be life changing for her, and she might cut us in for a bit too, that would be the decent thing to do”.  If you know Mrs. Goggins please get in touch with us and we will connect you with Pat Clifton. Her last known address is Greendale House, Avenida Pencaster, Malaga.


A representative from the solicitor firm in Birmingham told us “Actually we’re not in Birmingham, we’re in Wolverhampton.  Mr. Beacon hasn’t worked here for years, we can’t go into why, and we can’t comment on any of his previous completely legitimate cases.”


A posh sign saying solicitor which might be a bit like the one over the door of the firm near Birmingham.

Contacting Correos

Costa Del Sol Update has contacted Correos to try and find out what happened with this delivery. Ajay Bains from the press office said “Thankyou for letting us know about this delivery from England.  We are all surprised that it took 14 years to be delivered.  Our investigations have revealed that it took 3 days to travel from Birmingham to Malaga, and has been in our sorting office for the rest of the time.”

Señor Bains added “14 years is quite incredible, we had no idea that we could be so efficient and work so quickly.  This sets a new standard which we will try our hardest to reach in the future”.

Do you know Mrs. Goggins?  Have you received a letter in less than 14 years from Correos?  Have your say in the comments section below.

Written by Alf Thompson, Costa Del Sol Update, 07.11.2017



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