Outrage Over New Roadside Tests


Outrage Over New Roadside Tests.  Costa Del Sol motorists are furious about the introduction of new roadside tests by the Guardia Civil.

Outrage Over New Roadside Tests

Outrage Over New Roadside Tests

Costa Del Sol motorists are expressing their outrage over new roadside tests which are being introduced.  Police now have the power to stop vehicles which they believe are being driven by expats or tourists, and give the driver an on the spot Spanish language test.  Failure to pass the test will result in a €200 fine.

Accident Reduction

The test has been introduced following a series of “avoidable accidents” on Costa Del Sol roads.  Pedro Prueba from the Andalucian Road Safety Executive explains “Many of the accidents which we see on our roads could be avoided if the driver had a grasp of the Spanish language.  Not being able to speak or read Spanish poses a serious risk to other road users, and we need to take action to save lives”.

Guardia Civil Roadblock

Guardia Civil stop vehicles near Manilva looking for drivers who can’t speak Spanish.

Roadside Language Test

Benalmadena County Council have now passed a law which allows police all over the Costa Del Sol to stop vehicles which they believe are being driven by non-Spanish drivers, and give the driver a pre-approved roadside language test.

Carlos Conductor is a spokesperson for the council’s Department Of Implementing New Rules And Laws Which Relate Specifically To Motorists Who Are Not Spanish. He says “The tests are vital for road safety.  Drivers will be expected to know basic Spanish words which are crucial for navigating our simple but busy highways.   The phrases drivers will be expected to understand will include ‘no right turn’, ‘slow down’, ‘there are melons in the basket’, and ‘give way‘.

Guardia Civil Phone

Police stop a man driving “a nice car, who probably isn’t Spanish”.


Nigel Mansell from Birmingham is currently visiting Marbella on holiday.  He is angry about the new tests. Nigel told Costa Del Sol Update “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Upton Upon Severn.  These tests are just punishing foreign drivers.  I’m a good driver, I don’t need to be able to speak Spanish to be able to drive well.  The sooner Brexit happens the better, then we won’t have to take tests imposed by unelected officials.  We can take back control.  Fund the NHS.  Money for schools.  Long live the king.”

Guardia Civil Cyclist

This cyclist was fined €200 for not understanding the Spanish word for carpet.

Expats Outraged

Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook Brexit protest group, where members express their outrage over the prospect of losing healthcare in Spain after Brexit, and the poor weather in October.  Anne says “Of course my members are outraged, most of them can’t even drive never mind speak Spanish.  What will happen next?  Compulsory driving tests?  It’s an outrage.  We are outraged.”

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Written by Jeremy Clarkson, Costa Del Sol Update

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  1. I think it is perfectly reasonable that you should be able to understand and speak a bit of Spanish as you have chosen to live here. English people dont think much of immigrants in the UK who dont speak English do they? Be fair.

  2. Do you really think it would work?? tourist will not be hiring cars for fear they will fail this roadside test and be fined €200 after being ripped off by the hire company, that would result in less revenue for the Spanish taxman, people will go elsewhere for their holidays, again less revenue for taxman, less shoppers also means less revenue for taxman..
    Do you really think the Spanish government is that stupid..!!!

  3. This is out rageas. I carnt even spell english propaly but i no how to drive. What does noing spanish have too do with it.??

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