Outrage Over Offensive Festive Display


Outrage Over Offensive Festive Display.  Expats are calling for a local shopping centre to be boycotted over an explicit winter display.

Polar Bears Christmas Display

Outrage Over Offensive Festive Display

A shopping centre in Torremolinos has caused outrage because it’s festive winter display features animals in explicit positions.  Shocked expat Anna Srammer said “I took my five year old into the shopping centre and couldn’t believe my eyes.  I didn’t expect to have the birds and the bees talks with him at such a young age”.

The outrage is mainly directed towards the polar bear display.  The positioning of two of the bears appears to simulate a sexual position.  Julia Clary, originally from Birmingham, says  “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Sutton Coldfield.  Polar bears simulating a sex act is bad enough, but these bears are simulating a gay sex act.  I know this because the sign says their names are Julio and Enrique, and one can quite clearly see their genitalia if one looks closely”.

Rude Polar Bears

One of the bears appears to be using an adult toy shaped like a Christmas tree.

A spokesperson from the Torremolinos Watchdog Andalucian Team says that the shopping centre isn’t breaching any laws, but has recommended that they don’t display their festive elves and lego figurines which were planned to go on show in December.  “Whilst we can’t see anything rude about the lego figures or the elves enjoying Christmas, there are those who like to complain about everything and we have advised the centre not to proceed with these displays”.

Local expat spokesperson Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook support group for people who like to express outrage about Brexit and other important political matters like the availability of chocolate covered digestives on the Costa Del Sol.  She says “My members are outraged by this.  These polar bears have Spanish names, the British community simply isn’t represented here.  This is clearly because of Brexit, we feel very unwelcome in the shopping centre now”.

Funny Lego

The planned display of lego figures may now be cancelled.

A spokesperson for the Centro Commercial El Imaginario told Costa Del Sol Update “These people are complaining about nothing.  We spent literally minutes planning and erecting our display.  We don’t discriminate.  Animals.  People. Lego.  We are all equal.  Except for mosquitos.  We don’t like them.  They are not welcome”.

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Written by David Attenborough, Costa Del Sol Update

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  1. This is an outrage. The article clearly includes the word “erection” which should offend readers, especially in view of Anne Fernandez’s position on this

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