Outrage Over Plans For Margaret Thatcher Statue In Spain


Outrage Over Plans For Margaret Thatcher Statue In Spain.  The bronze tribute could be erected in the centre of Marbella early next year.

Outrage Over Plans For Margaret Thatcher Statue In Spain

Outrage Over Plans For Margaret Thatcher Statue In Spain

Marbella County Council in Southern Spain have announced that they are creating a new sculpture park, which will honour important European women.  The new Mayor of Marbella, Angelez Munoz, is hoping to celebrate influential women and reinforce relationships with Great Britain and other European nations.

The statues will be displayed in place of the current Dali sculptures on Avenida Del Mar in Marbella.  There are expected to be 12 in total, costing €100,000 each.  The Mayor is seeking opinions from expats on who should be honoured from Great Britain.  The shortlist has been narrowed down to three important woman, and expats are now being asked to vote for their favourite.

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The Candidates

An insider at the Marbella County Council Department For Expat Relations With Regard To Bronze Statues told Costa Del Sol Update that “it’s almost a done deal, everyone seems to be wanting a statue of Margaret Thatcher, she is very popular”.  The other two women on the shortlist are Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall, and Claire from Steps. 

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher had strong ties with Marbella during her time in British politics, it’s thought that she once considered holidaying here with her husband Dennis.

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is on the shortlist because “she will be a wonderful queen and role model for the British people” according to the Marbella Mayor’s office.

Claire From Steps

Claire from Steps is an unlikely but deserving woman in consideration for the honour.  Talia Sawalia from the Marbella Statues Of Well Known Women Society says “She’s one of Britain’s great songwriters, and she said that Puerto Banus was quite nice a few years ago.  We can’t seem find her surname though.”

British Taxpayers Footing The Bill

The new bronze statues are not going to be cheap.  At a cost of €100,000 each the question of funding has already been tackled by the Mayor’s office.  The governments of the nations who are being represented will be paying for their respective statues.

Gerald McPherson-Jones-Thruptcastle from the British government’s Foreign Statue Funding Department said that the UK will be only too happy to help out.  “It’s a great sign of strength and comradeship, and we’re delighted that Spain will be honouring a British woman.  The bill is no problem, a few less teachers or nurses is a small price to pay for this great honour”.

Gerald McPherson Jones Thruptcastle

Gerald McPherson Jones Thruptcastle

Outrage and Support

There has been outrage expressed by many British expats over the plans which could see a statue of Margaret Thatcher erected in Marbella.  Neil Steel from Birmingham now lives in Puerto Banus, he says “Actually I’m from Smethwick, not Birmingham. That woman ruined Great Britain, why are they putting up a statue of her?  It’s insulting and offensive to us Brits here in Spain,  it would be a constant reminder of the misery and suffering she caused”.

Susan Beale is a teacher at an expat school in Estepona.  She says “I can’t understand why any of these women are on the list.  It’s outrageous.  €100,000 for this, it’s such a waste”.

designer flat cap

Eric seems confused about who Mrs. Thatcher was.

Eric Mitchell lives in Torremolinos, he can’t see why people are so upset about the plans.  “I don’t know what all the fuss is about, I think she was a great but underrated actress.  That film she was in when she played the Prime Minister was really good, well the bits I could understand were alright.  It was a bit unrealistic though, I can’t imagine Britain every having a woman Prime Minister.”

Chris Plunker says he is happy to see Mrs. Thatcher honoured in Spain.  “My father was a miner during the strikes in the 1980s.  He got so much overtime work that he was able to buy this house in Spain and move the family out here. We owe her everything”.

Would you rather see someone else honoured, or do you think €100,000 is a waste of money?  Have your say in the comments box below!

Written by Jack Hoff, Costa Del Sol Update.  20.10.2017

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