Prince Harry And Meghan To Honeymoon In Spain


Prince Harry And Meghan To Honeymoon In Spain.  Yesterday the Royal couple announced the date and venue of their wedding, and today a palace insider has revealed their honeymoon plans.

Prince Harry And Meghan To Honeymoon In Spain

Prince Harry And Meghan To Honeymoon In Spain

EXCLUSIVE: a palace insider has today revealed to Costa Del Sol Update that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle plan to visit Spain on their honeymoon, following their wedding in May next year.  The Prince will marry actress Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle.

The Royal couple will be taking their honeymoon in Spain, and we have learned that they will enjoy a 7 night all inclusive luxury break at a popular holiday resort in Torremolinos.  Our Palace insider says “Prince Harry has always been a man of the people, he doesn’t want to spend his honeymoon schmoozing around the Seychelles.  He wants to keep it real.”

Beach Volleyball

Prince Harry is eager to sample some of the local beach activities.

Torremolinos All Inclusive

Because the Royal Family are footing the bill for the wedding, our insider told us that things won’t be as lavish as they were for William and Kate.  “The couple will be flying into Malaga Merida airport, and then take a shuttle their reasonably priced three star all inclusive hotel, though they will be staying in a deluxe room which has a kettle and hair dryer.  I can’t tell you the name of the hotel for security reasons.”

“They will be treated like regular guests, except they will be given special wrist bands that allow them to drink Smirnoff, instead of the usual local toilet cleaner variety of vodka that normal guests have to drink.”

The Queen, Smirnoff

Queen Elizabeth II personally requested that the couple should be allowed to drink Smirnoff as part of their all inclusive deal.


Popular With European Royals

The Prince and Meghan Markle have chosen Torremolinos because they have been told it is a popular destination for Royals from all over Europe.  Miss. Cocksparkle works in Torremolinos but is originally from Birmingham in the UK.  He told us “actually I’m from Warwick, not Birmingham.  They’ll fit right in here, the place is full of queens every summer.  We’re all really excited about their honeymoon.  I hope they will join us for a drink in the The Blue Oyster Bar”. 

Torremolinos Drag Queen

Miss. Cocksparkle is excited about the Royal honeymoon

Juan Kerr from Torremolinos International Travel said “I’m not surprised that they are coming here.  It’s a great place.  They can party like peasants and luxuriate in 3 star excess.  It’s what every couple dreams of for a honeymoon.

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Written by Jenny Bond, Costa Del Sol Update, 29.11.2017





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