Rude Malaga Christmas Lights Cause Offense


Rude Malaga Christmas Lights Cause Offense.  An initiative to involve the community in the world famous lighting display has backfired leaving the council red faced.

Rude Malaga Christmas Lights Cause Offense

The main lighting display bears an uncomfortable resemblance to under pants.

Rude Malaga Christmas Lights Cause Offense

An initiative to involve the local community in the world famous Malaga Christmas Lights has backfired, leaving the council red faced as residents demand an explanation.  This year local schoolchildren were invited to design the Malaga Christmas Lights, an idea which the council hoped would boost cooperation between local government and the community.

Rude Santa Lights

At night time, these animated lights on the Malaga sea front show Santa picking up a gift. In daylight though, they appear to show something explicit.

Malaga Christmas Lights Plan Backfired

The plan has backfired though, as the children have submitted designs which many consider to be rude, inappropriate, and even offensive.  Edmund Gwenn is the MP for southern Malaga, responsible for Christmas Lights and poop-a-scoop enforcement.  He told Costa Del Sol Update “We didn’t realise until the lights had been erected that they could possibly look a little bit suggestive.  It’s not too bad though.  I don’t know why people want me to get sacked for this.”  

Modern Christmas Tree

Instead of a traditional tree, this modern art representation of a tree has been installed in Plaza De La Constitution.

Malaga Christmas Lights Disgraceful

John Goodman is an expat originally from Birmingham.  He told Costa Del Sol Update “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Edgbaston.  This is disgraceful.  I took my children to see the lights and all they did was snigger for two hours.  I was very embarrased.  You’d expect this in Clacton or somewhere like that, but not here in Malaga“.

Rude Christmas Lights

Visitors have been shocked by the lights on the palm trees at Malaga Marina.


Cancel Malaga Christmas Lights 2018

There are calls for the lights to be scrapped this year and removed completely.  Fred Jones is a spokesperson for the Malaga Illuminations Nightly Gazing Executive.  He says the council have been caught out, and should remove the lights.  “Every year the Malaga Christmas Lights are a huge draw for all the right reasons.  They would have been again this year, if it weren’t for those meddling kids.  They have outsmarted the council and turned this great event into a farce”.

Rude Christmas Candle Lights

This representation of a Christmas candle with holly and berries on buildings along the Camino De La Termica has caused outrage.

Outraged Expats

Some expats living on the Costa Del Sol are so outraged by the Malaga Christmas Lights that they are threatening to leave.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook protest group where people express outrage on important political topics like Brexit and how many mince pies should be sold in a standard size box at Iceland.

Anne says “My members are outraged by these Christmas lights.  Several of the Brits on my page are threatening to move back to England because of this, or at least move to Alicante where they say the CSA still won’t be able to find them.  Personally though I’m outraged that people are so outraged by this.  It’s just a bit of fun, the kids have come up with some great designs.  We should applaud their creativity.”

Rude Christmas Lights Palm Tree

This display was designed by expat teenager Peter Jenkins. It is displayed at the entrance to the Alcazaba car park.

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Written by Kris Kringle, Costa Del Sol Update

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