Santa’s Flight Plan Not Yet Approved


Santa’s Flight Plan Not Yet Approved.  Christmas could be thrown into chaos for thousands of families on the Costa Del Sol as Malaga air traffic control refuse to approve Santa’s flight plan.

Santas Flight Plan Not Yet Approved

Santa’s Flight Plan Not Yet Approved

Families are in uproar on the Costa Del Sol after is was revealed that air traffic controllers in Malaga have refused to approve the flight plan filed by Sr. Santa Claus.  Alejandro Nieve from the Spanish High International Transportation says “The problem isn’t with the flight plan itself, it’s the same every year.  The issue surrounds the €80 administration fee which Mr. Claus has neglected to include with his application”.

Air Traffic Controller

An air traffic controller in Malaga using the latest state of the art gadgets to monitor air traffic

If Santa Claus attempts to enter airspace near Malaga without the required authorisation, his vehicle could be impounded by the Guardia Civil Air Defense People, and Mr. Claus would be arrested.  Eben Eezer from the Policia Regional Andalucian Transport says exceptions cannot be made.  “The rules are the rules, and exceptions simply can’t be made, except for the King of Spain, and that bloke who plays football who is quite famous”.

Eben Eezer

Eben Eezer says that rules are rules.


Expat Reaction To The News

Anne Fernandez represents a group of Costa Del Sol expats who are irate about a number of things.  She told Costa Del Sol Update “This is outrageous, my group of expats are outraged by this.  We’re going to discuss it on Facebook, and let you know how outraged we are after someone who isn’t outraged has been on our page and become outraged by our outrage.”

Benalmadena based expat Ben Dover, originally from Birmingham, says “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Coventry.  This is clearly because of Brexit.  The sooner it happens the better.  Theresa May would never have allowed such an outrage to happen if we were still in control of Europe.  It’s time for us to take back control.”

Buddy Hobbs

Buddy Hobbs says Santa is “not worried”

Santa “Not Worried”

A spokesperson for Santa Claus, Buddy Hobbs, said that this won’t be a problem.  “There’s always something with Spain, every year.  Santa is not worried.  We are ready for it.  Last there was a problem with the ITV on the sleigh, the year before we didn’t have enough high vis jackets on board.  This year it’s the flight plan.  We’ll bring enough money to bribe the right people and make sure that Christmas goes ahead as planned”.

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Written by Jon Favreau, Costa Del Sol Update, 21.12.2017



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