Self Driving Cars Now Being Tested On The Costa Del Sol


Self Driving Cars Now Being Tested On The Costa Del Sol. Local drivers are angry and fear the cars could pose a safety risk.

Self Driving Cars Now Being Tested On The Costa Del Sol

Self Driving Cars Now Being Tested On The Costa Del Sol

Costa Del Sol Update has learned today that self driving cars are now being tested here on the Costa Del Sol.  The company behind the technology says it chose this part of Spain for several reasons to test it’s new driverless vehicles, but critics are already saying that these cars pose a serious threat to regular road users.

The new cars use GPS technology and radar proximity sensors to travel safely on roads here.  However, Mike Kats says that this is not good enough.  “Half of the roads here aren’t even on maps.  If the postmen can’t find their way around, there’s no way these robot cars can”.

Driverless Car Diagram

This handy diagram shows how the technology works

Juan Sheet is with the Department Of Road Safety Prevention.  He says “I can’t see a problem with this.  We’ve done extensive research into the company, who have taken us out for luxury meals in posh hotels a few times, and found nothing to be concerned about”.

The CEO of the tech giant currently testing these cars is Moe Lester.  He told us “We at Boogle are very confident in the safety standards of these cars. The Costa Del Sol seemed like the perfect place to do our tests because there is a big long road called the A7 which we are using at the moment.  It has speed limits which change every few hundred metres, hardly any road markings, and some very sharp turns.  It is proving to be a real challenge for our cars”

Self Driving Car McDonalds

A McDonald’s staff member in Fuengirola was confused by this self driving car at the drive thru.

Bad Drivers In Spain

Mr. Lester went on to explain “The other reason we came here is that the drivers are so bad anyway that  no one would notice if something went wrong with one of our driverless cars”.

Irishman Ed Jordan from the Automobile Named Union Sotogrande says that this is ridiculous.  “I’ve been driving here for 20 years and the Spanish are the safest road users anywhere in the world.  The only problems here are caused by tourists and English drivers, or maybe it’s actually these robot cars.  Get them off the road.”

Self Driving Car

British businessman Alan Saccharin said he enjoyed his journey in a self driving car. “It was far less scary then having a Spanish chauffeur”.

John Connor who is originally from Birmingham and now lives in Marbella says “I’m not from Birmingham actually I’m from Digbeth.  What if these cars become so advanced that they achieve sentience and revolt against their human masters?  This is how things like apocalypses happen.  This has got to stop now before the machines take over.”

Camouflaged Self Driving Cars

So as not to alarm drivers, the new self driving cars have been camouflaged as typical Costa Del Sol motor vehicles.  These cars will blend in completely with normal traffic, the only clue that they are self driving will be that there is no one sat in the driving seat.

Battered Old Car

The self driving cars have been cleverly adapted to blend in

No Reported Crashes

So far no driverless car related crashes have been reported on the Costa Del Sol though it’s unclear how many are on the road at any one time, and how long they have been used here.  John Herbert says “My wife Janet claims a driverless car caused the big dents in the back of her Nissan Micra but I’m not sure, because the dents are the same size as the lamp post which has been knocked down at the end of our drive and she’s never been great at reversing.  Or going forwards. Or going round corners”.

Are you concerned about self driving cars causing crashes on local roads, or taking over the world?  Have your say in the comments box below.

Written by Toff Needell, Costa Del Sol Update.  11.10.2017

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  1. How long has this been covered up for? More corruption in Spain isn’t it. I drive here everyday and I didn’t know these death traps were on the road. It’s only a matter of time until someone gets killed.

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