Spanish Government Gives Advice To British Drivers


Spanish Government Gives Advice To British Drivers.  The new guidelines are aimed at reducing crashes caused by British drivers who don’t understand how roundabouts in Spain function.

Spanish Government Gives Advice To British Drivers

Spanish Government Gives Advice To British Drivers

The Spanish Government has just unveiled a series of guidelines aimed at helping British drivers navigate roundabouts in Spain.  Javier Embrague from the Marbella Department Of Road Safety Prevention says “Many British drivers come here without any idea of how our traffic systems work.  The guidelines published today should help deepen any misunderstandings and further add to the confusion felt by drivers in Spain”.

Helpful Diagram

This diagram has been released to the media today. It shows the correct procedure for navigating a roundabout in Spain.  British drivers are being advised to study the diagram and memorise the lane disciplines indicated.

Spanish Roundabout

For an English version please contact your local town hall and present a €17 fee

Surviving Road Journeys

There are several key points which drivers must understand if they are going to survive a road journey on the Costa Del Sol.  Mark Gene from the Andalucian Road Safety Executive says  “Firstly, people need to understand that lanes here are not the same as lanes in the United Kingdom.  In the UK one should pick the appropriate lane and stick to it.  Here, drivers enter a roundabout in any lane they like, then swerve across to another lane, and probably back to the original lane after that.  It’s like a beautiful motorised version of synchronised swimming”.

Frightened Driver

British driver Alex Phallix prepares to drive onto a roundabout in Torremolinos

Saving Lives

Mr. Gene continues “Secondly, people should see the outside lane of a roundabout as a viable parking option during busy periods.  By parking here, you are forcing other drivers to slow down.  Speed kills, so parking in the outside lane of a roundabout is saving lives”.

Spanish Roundabout

An image from the Fuengirola Roundabout Users Association demonstrating how effective the Spanish system is.

Right Of Way


The issue of right of way at a roundabout in Spain is explained by Roberto Merhi.  He says “We have a very simple system when it comes to right of way in Spain.  The driver of the bigger vehicle, or  sometimes the driver with the biggest balls, will always have right of way.

Spain Traffic Police

Officer Pablo Chorizo stops a driver for no particular reason in Malaga

Pedestrian Crossings

Adrian Campos is from the Committee For Putting Pedestrian Crossings Where You’d Least Expect To Find Them.  He says that “pedestrian crossings have been strategically placed at the main exits of roundabouts.  This is obviously the safest place for them, because drivers have not had chance to accelerate before they have to jump on the brakes because someone is meandering across the road at a snail’s pace”.

Outraged Expats

Expats are outraged by the new guidelines aimed at British drivers.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where people can express their outrage over serious issues including the quality of paper in public bathrooms.  Anne says “It’s outrageous! My members are outraged by this.  How dare the Spanish start telling us how to drive now? We’ve been driving badly here for years with no problems.”

Popular local DJ Barry Jones from the Ebola Bar in Fuengirola believes that this sudden interest in driving standards is because of Brexit.  “That’s why we’re getting out of Europe, we don’t need unelected Spaniards telling us Brits what to do on the roads in Spain.  Fortunately, I’m from Wales, so it won’t affect me.  Hands in the air, party party boyo.”

Driver Crash Helmet

British driver Phil loves his stylish new helmet.

Easy When You Know How

British driver Phil Adelfia, originally from Birmingham, has been driving in Spain for 18 years.  He says “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Solihull.  I’ve found that the best thing to do is close your eyes and hope for the best.  It’s easy when you know how.  My wife even bought me a helmet for Christmas.  I feel invincible now”.

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Written by Hugh Jaksident, Costa Del Sol Update.




  1. I admire the frugal use of fuel the Spanish driver has, they sit right up behind you, (F1 style) tailgating you and getting an aerodynamic tow from you, and so saving fuel, then when you least expect it they shoot out from behind and overtake you F1 style without any warning or indication (and so saving battery and bulb wear) Amazing we British could lean much from the Spanish style.

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