Spanish Man Hospitalised By Violent British Pensioner


Spanish man Hospitalised By Violent British Pensioner.  A 42 year old Spanish man is recovering in hospital following a violent assault.  Police have arrested a 94 year old British pensioner.

Spanish man Hospitalised By Violent British Pensioner

Spanish Man Hospitalised By Violent British Pensioner

42 year old Javier Hoja is recovering from emergency surgery following an unprovoked and violent attack by British pensioner Albert Taylor, originally from Birmingham.  Señor Hoja had been working on the urbanisation where Mr. Taylor lives in Arroyo De La Miel when he was assaulted.

Javier Hoja is a professional garden maintenance engineer, specialising in the removal of unwanted leaves.  He uses a high powered machine to blow leaves from pathways and drives on the urbanisation.  Community president Harold Washington said “Javier is the best, everyone round here knows that if you want a good leaf blowing job, you call Javier.  He does the best blowing job in Benalmadena.”

Spanish Leaf Blower

Javier Hoja at work earlier this week

Javier Hoja Assaulted

This morning at approximately 7am Señor Hoja was going about his daily leaf blowing routine, when British expat pensioner Albert Taylor is reported to have come rushing out of his two bedroom apartment, down a flight of stairs, and brutally assaulted Sr. Hoja with a walking stick.

Mr. Taylor’s wife Elizabeth said “You mentioned earlier that my Albert is from Birmingham.  He’s not from Birmingham actually he’s from Solihul.  He’d tell you himself but he’s in custody.  This attack is completely out of character, he just flipped.  He yelled ‘That’s the last time I’m going to be woken up by that effing leaf blower.  It’s been every morning for the last twenty years, enough is enough.’ Albert took his walking stick, dashed out of the flat, sorry the apartment, and that’s the last time I saw him”.

Albert Taylor Benalmadena

Albert Taylor photographed in his bathroom after emptying his colostomy bag

Hospital Treatment

Javier Hoja is being treated at the hospital of Benalmadena United Medical, for severe injuries to the rectum.  Surgeons have removed a mahogany effect piece of wood, believed to be a walking stick and the rubber stopper, which were inserted deep inside Sr. Hoja’s private passage.  He is expected to make a full recovery, though he may walk in a slightly awkward manner, according to doctors.

Broken Walking Stick

Fragments of a walking stick which were removed from Sr. Hoja’s bottom.

Proud Leaf Blowing Tradition

Carlos Arboles is the chairman of the Spanish Association Of Leaf Blowers.  He says “leaf blowing is a proud tradition which goes back centuries.  Giving a good blowing job is a skill which has to be learned and honed.  It’s not as simple as blowing leaves off a pathway.  One has to the wait for the wind to blow them back onto the pathway before once again blowing them off the pathway.  This can keep you busy for hours at a time”

Sr. Arboles says that over the years the craft has developed with new technology.  “Hundreds of years ago leaves would have to be blown by hand, in the trade we call that a hand job.  Now, we have motorised leaf blowers which help us to do an even better job.  They are very noisy though, so we wear ear protectors.  Not to protect us from the noise, but so we can’t hear the obscenities which people shout at us because they’ve just been woken up”.

Antique Leaf Blower

An antique leaf blower, pictured in the Museum Of Leaf Blowing Heritage in Marbella

Albert Taylor is expected to appear before a judge in the 19th of October 2019 for sentencing.  He said through his solicitor “I regret my actions and would like to apologise.  I had hoped to insert the nozzle of the leaf blower where the sun doesn’t shine, but it was just too big, so I had to use my walking stick instead.  Will I be getting that back?”

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Written by Nick Earl Hobbs Ainsley, Costa Del Sol Update.  13.10.2017

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