Torremolinos Won’t Turn Back Clocks This Weekend


Torremolinos Won’t Turn Back Clocks This Weekend.  The town mayor has announced that unlike the rest of Europe, the clocks will not go back.

Torremolinos Won't Turn Back Clocks This Weekend

Torremolinos Won’t Turn Back Clocks This Weekend

This Sunday the 28th October at 3am, every clock in Europe will be turned back one hour to 2am.  Except in Torremolinos, where the county council have made the surprise decision not to change to daylight saving time.

The Mayor Of Torremolinos, Mario Reloj, has said in a statement “Torremolinos is already about 50 years behind the rest of Europe, by not turning the clocks back we may start to catch up.  Ok, only by an hour, but it’s a start and certainly a step in the right direction.”

Time Troubles For Travellers

The decision to pùt Torremolinos into it’s own timezone is creating many issues and problems for both residents and visitors.  Carlos Mano-Grande is the spokesperson for Time With Andalucian Travellers. He told Costa Del Sol Update “The creation of a new time zone is going to be chaotic.  Where does it start and end?  What about aeroplanes travelling over Torremolinos? This is going to cause all kinds of confusion for tourists  and travellers”.

Torremolinos Tourist

A tourist in Torremolinos trying to figure out what time it is.

Chris Bliss is an expat from Birmingham now living in Torremolinos.  He said “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Acocks Green.  I do think this is a good idea, Torremolinos needs to catch up.  I’ve been here for years and only just found out that people aren’t wearing flares anymore.  It was a shock.  I nearly choked on my Babycham“. 

Celebratory Concert

A celebratory concert is being organised to take place in the town square on Sunday evening.  Nigel Bengalas is organising the event with Concerts Of Cultural Kindred.  He is very excited about the line up.  “We’ve got some big names coming to perform in Torremolinos, I’m amazed they’re available.  We’ve got Shampoo coming to sing as they are  huge here in Torremolinos.  Also Daphne and Celeste will be on the bill, and B*Witched are going to mime their biggest hits!   We couldn’t get hold of Jedward though, which is a bit of a disappointment”.

Daphne And Celeste

Pop sensations Daphne And Celeste are still huge in Torremolinos.

Outraged Expats

British expat spokeswoman Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where people can express their outrage over important subjects including Brexit and variable sizes of sugar cubes.  She told Costa Del Sol Update “My members are of course outraged by this, as you’d expect.  We can’t change our watches and clocks everytime we enter or leave Torremolinos.  It will be bad for business.  Bad for residents.  Bad for tourists.  That said, I don’t think I’ve been to Torremolinos since 1984, so maybe we won’t even notice.”

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Written by Patrick Troughton, Costa Del Sol Update

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