Towels Banned From Costa Del Sol Beaches


Towels Banned From Costa Del Sol Beaches. In a bid to protect the Spanish coastline, towels will no longer be permitted on beaches.

Towels Banned From Costa Del Sol Beaches

Towels Banned From Costa Del Sol Beaches

Environmental concerns have led Spanish authorities to ban tourists from bringing towels onto Costa Del Sol beaches.  The surprise announcement today from Torremolinos County Council has shocked many, who believe that the ban may be a stealth way to increase government revenue.

Juanjo Toalla is a Playa Representational Andalucian Treatment spokesperson.  He told Costa Del Sol Update “The towel ban has been a long time coming.  Everytime someone puts a towel on the beach, it picks up sand.  When they leave they take the sand with them.  The sand levels are being depleted at a phenomenal rate, and it has to stop”. 

Sand Friendly Beach Towel Substitute

It is possible to rent one of these beach towel alternatives.

Alternatives To Towels

Local councils are offering towel alternatives to beach users.  For €5 a day, you will be able to rent a “sand friendly beach towel substitute”.  This plastic based appliance will have a smooth base, and will not pick up much sand.  When the client has finished using it, any attached sand will be brushed back onto the beach.  These towel alternatives can be collected from any town hall, subject to a €100 partially refundable deposit.

Guardia Civil Armed

A crack team of Guardia Civil officers will be patrolling the beaches.

Fines For Using Towels

The Guardia Civil have already trained a crack team of officers who will be patrolling beaches, handing out fines to anyone caught using a towel.  Miguel Arenosso is with the Guardia Civil’s Towels In Transit division.  He says “Taking sand from the beach is basically theft, and we’re ready to put an end to it.  If we catch you, expect a fine of anything from €50 to however much you happen to have in your wallet at the time”.

Sunbathing Brit

Tourist Mick has decided to avoid the beach and sunbathe on this wall next to the beach instead. His wife does not agree with his decision, and is seen here giving him “a right old ear full”.

Tourists Fined By Police

The towel ban is not being well received by tourists visiting the Costa Del Sol.  Timothy Grim is a tourist from Birmingham.  He says “I’m not from Birmingham, I just caught a plane from there, I’m from Smethwick.  I flew into Malaga Merida airport with my family yesterday, headed straight to the beach after our four hour transfer, where I bought a towel from a gentleman for a few euros.  I’d only been sat on it for five minutes when I was arrested and fined €223.  It’s a disgrace.  I’m never coming back“.

The Sand Tax

Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group for outraged Brits on the Costa Del Sol.  She says her members are outraged.  “This has given us the chance to do what we do best, that’s getting outraged, and believe me we are outraged.  Some of my members own businesses which rely on tourists, this will surely scare them off.  We’re calling it the Sand Tax.  It’s ridiculous.  This wouldn’t be happening if Brexit hadn’t happened.  I’m not sure why, but it’s a good sound byte for your interview, if you want to use it.”

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Written by Cliff Walker, Costa Del Sol Update

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  1. Bloody ridiculous! Sand naturally gets in between your toes …In your hair on your clothes/ swimwear etc…so will there be a sand tax for that too!!!
    Very angry ! The government are just trying to fleece tourists to line their own pockets! They are no better than thieves!

    • Hi Sonia, this is what happens because of Brexit. Thanks for reading, it would be great if you could subscribe to our posts and like the Facebook page!

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