Urgent Costa Del Sol Appeal Launched


Urgent Costa Del Sol Appeal Launched.  Can you help? Fuengirola County Council are desperately close to running out of obstacles, and are appealing to the public for donations.

Urgent Costa Del Sol Appeal Launched

Urgent Costa Del Sol Appeal Launched

Fuengirola County Council has today announced an urgent appeal on the Costa Del Sol.  They are asking for donations of new obstacles from members of the public, which they say are needed urgently.

Julio Barrera is head of the Department For Prevention Of Progress And Prosperity in Fuengirola.  He told Costa Del Sol Update “We’ve been putting up obstacles for years and years, and never thought we’d ever run out.  But it’s happening.  Our current estimates say that we could be out of obstacles within the next three months if we aren’t able to find more, soon”.

Red Tape

Costa Del Sol councils are famous for their endless supply of red tape.

Decreasing Quality Of Obstacles

Obstacles used by the council to hinder local businesses have been deteriorating over the past few years.  Previous examples of obstacles used to prevent a business operating successfully include “insufficient disabled access”, “unsafe fire exit points”, and “poor drainage”.  However, recently the council has used obstacles which have fallen short of their usual high standards.  These include “wrong colour door handles” and “insufficient provision of toothbrushes in staff bathrooms”.

Essential Council Resource

Obstacles are a fundamental resource used by the council, and are essential for the smooth operation of the town.  Fernando Torpe from the Fuengirola Existential Crisis Kommittee says that the obstacles have generated enough money in fines over the years to pay for rocks to be spray painted on the beach, amongst other things.  He told us “if the obstacles run out, so will our main source of revenue.  We need your help.  If we don’t get more obstacles soon, people may start finding it easy to operate successful businesses without council induced stress.  This can’t be allowed to happen.”

Ebola Bar fuegirola

The manager of the popular Ebola Bar (pictured during Happy Hour) has noticed that it’s getting easier to get things done.


Disappointing Response To The Appeal

Public response to the appeal has been disappointing so far, with a lack of support for the initiative.  Welshman Barry Jones is a popular local DJ and manager of the Ebola Bar on the Fuengirola Strip.  He says “I’ve noticed it’s been getting easier to get things done, they really are running out of obstacles.  Last week the best they could come up with was something about needing to clean the bar!  I think it’s Brexit related, but that won’t affect me, because I’m from Wales.  Hands in the air boyo, party party“.

Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where expats express outrage over issues including a lack of ballroom dancing facilities in Spain.  She says “I’m outraged by this!  We love Spain, and these obstacles  are a way of life.  However, they shouldn’t expect us to provide them.  Of course, if Brexit gets cancelled they may be able to import some new obstacles from the UK.”

Obstacles Ahead

Supplies of obstacles are running dangerously low in Fuengirola.


British business owners have been quick to condemn the council’s appeal.  Alan Capone from Birmingham runs a completely legal import / export business from a lock up near Fuengirola.  He says “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Smethwick.  I’m just here trying to make an honest living, you know, and I’ve had to get over so many obstacles you wouldn’t believe it.  There’s no way I’m going to donate any more to the council.”

Will you be donating obstacles to the council? Leave your comment below!

Written by Cliff Walker, Costa Del Sol Update.



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  1. Hi…..

    I’m the owner of the bar, Smokey’s Bar Fuengirola.

    Town Hall is harassing us big time. And now we will not keep quiet any longer. We want to publish an open letter to Ana Mula and Town Hall. We have paid everything they asked for and done everything exactly what they wanted us to do. Still after 15 months they let us open and then shut us down immediately. Over and over again.

    A lot of material about this you’ll find in


    It’s not only us that experience this. Seems like the Town Hall has this behaviour as a business model. They take your money, then find or make up a reason to close you down, let new owners come in and pay again for the same licenses over and over.

    The funny thing is NOT that these bars, including mine, don’t pay taxes, social security,  licenses etc etc. We do!! Its NOT serious things like fire protection or safety arrangements. That would be understandable. 

    It’s about things like

    – Missing a picture of a doorknob

    – Wrong screws in the outside.terass

    – Missing public nail brush in toilet

    Etc etc etc

    Can we do something?

    Are You interested?

    Best Regards
    Magnus Sjoberg

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