Welshman Vows Never To Return To Spain


Welshman Vows Never To Return To Spain.  Ivor Jones said his experience has left him traumatised, and he’s now seeking compensation from his travel agent.

Welshman Vows Never To Return To Spain

Welshman Vows Never To Return To Spain

Ivor Jones spent five days in Benalmadena and says it was one of the worst experiences of his life.  68 year old Ivor Jones from Aberystwyth in Wales says “The people are sex mad, and so blatant with it we spent the whole holiday hiding in our hotel room.  It’s a disgrace”.

Mr. Jones was on holiday with his wife Sheila who is originally from Birmingham.  She says “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Digbeth, it’s not the same place.  My Ivor and I were really looking forward to our holiday, we’ve never been to Spain before and it looked lovely.  But from the moment we landed we were sexually pestered by almost everyone we spoke to. Something must be done about it.”

Benalmadena Hotel Spain

The upmarket Hotel Corona in Benalmadena where Mr. Jones and his wife spent 5 nights.

An Offensive Welsh Word

We asked Mr. Jones what was said to him that he found so offensive.  He told us “It was the same thing over and over, everywhere we went.  Everytime we tried to be polite and thank someone, they said nada to us.  I’m amazed that the Spanish even know any Welsh words, but disgusted that they think it’s ok to go around saying this to people.  For your readers who aren’t fluent in Welsh, nada means testicles.”

Ivor Jones has vowed never to return to Spain.  He said “My wife and I are good church going people, we don’t deserve to be offended like this.  If a Spaniard came to Wales and people kept saying ‘testicles” to him, he’d soon be feeling offended.  We’re never going back to Spain, not ever.  Next year we’re going to Portugal where we won’t have to worry about people saying nada to us”.

House In Wales

Mr. and Mrs. Jones have now returned to their home in Wales where they are now launching a bid for compensation


The Welsh / Spanish online travel agent who Mr. Jones booked with said they have received a complaint and a request for compensation.  A representative of La Oveja Viajera Online said “We are in the process of handling a complaint.  We’re not concerned though, it’s nada”.  Bob Jennings also added something which he thought was quite funny but no one else did, so we aren’t going to print it.

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Written by Judith Chalmers, Costa Del Sol Update.  25.10.2017




  1. this man is so ignorant de nada in spanish means your welcome – if you go to another country give them the respect of
    learning something of their language as you would expect someone to do who visits Wales x

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