Anger Over Pavement Widening Programme


Anger Over Pavement Widening Programme.  Local councils are coming under fire for spending money on widening pavements in Spanish towns.

Anger Over Pavement Widening Programme

Anger Over Pavement Widening Programme

The Costa Del Sol Council has been defending a new programme to widen pavements and pathways in local towns.  Work is already underway in many areas, and should be completed within the next 4 to 7 years.  The scheme aims to make all pedestrian walkways on the Costa Del Sol at least two metres wide, which will enable people to maintain social distancing when the current lockdown period ends.

The total cost of the scheme has not yet been confirmed, but experts predict it will be hundreds of millions of euros.  Carlos Caminando from the Pavement Resurfacing And Tarmacking department says “At times like this we shouldn’t worry about costs.  We need to widen the pavements so people can walk at a safe distance from each other”.

No Room For Cars

There is anger towards the new scheme, as some claim that it is not well thought out or planned.  Matteo Maraton from the Andalucian Road Safety Executive says motorists are not being considered.  “If the pavements are widened, the roads become smaller.  Where are the cars supposed to go?  This makes no sense”.Roadworks

Workers pictures widening a pavement in Estepona.

Costa Del Sol Conspiracy

Some people are suggesting that there may be more sinister motivations behind the pavement widening.  John is a Facebook expert on mobile radiation and microwaves and believes that this programme is a cover up.  He says  “People need to wake up.  What’s actually happening here is that the government are being paid by Bill Gates to install 5Gs under the pavements, which need to be wider to accommodate the extra Gs.  The 5G will then be used to spread more viruses, which Bill Gates also owns, and control people’s minds.  It’s already affecting my neighbour, who walked along a wide pavement.  Since he got home he’s started listening to Coldplay.  If that’s not enough evidence for you then I don’t know what you need.”

5g Tower

Leading Facebook experts believe that Bill Gates is installing these 5G transmitters beneath the new pavements.


Outraged Expats

Expats are questioning the expense and timeline for this work.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where expats can express their outrage over Brexit and a lack of technical support for Windows 95 users.  Anne says “I’m outraged actually, really outraged.  They’re saying this is to encourage social distancing after the lockdown, but it could take 7 years to complete the work.  Does this mean we’re in lockdown for 7 years?  It doesn’t make any sense, I’m so outraged.  Where does it end?  After the pavements, will shops have to widen their aisles?  Busses and trains install seats that are two metres apart?  I need to stop, I’m like a pressure cooker full of outrage.  Judy, get me my meditation robes!”.

Pavement Widening

The pavement on this road near Alhaurin won’t leave enough room for the cars.

Impact On Local Business

The impact of this work on local businesses when the lockdown ends could be severe.  Frazzle from the Old Bunion Sports Bar in Fuengirola has been shouting at his staff on Facetime during the lockdown.  He says “Widening the pavement infront of the bar eats into my terrace space.  It’s ****ing ****.  When we re-open I’ll have to ask both my customers to sit inside.”

Keith Glover is originally from Birmingham and now lives in Torremolinos.  He says “actually I’m not from Birmingham I’m from Edgbaston.  I think this is a great idea.  It will be nice to go for a walk and not have to apologise every time someone else bangs into me.  Because that what we Brits do, and it gets tiring.  Money well spent if you ask me”.

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Written by Craig Reid, Costa Del Sol Update

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