Brits Banned From Airport Bathrooms


Brits Banned From Airport Bathrooms. British travellers returning to the UK are being prevented from using bathrooms at airports in Spain.

Brits Banned From Airport Bathrooms

Brits Banned From Airport Bathrooms

The Spanish airport operator AENA has today banned all British travellers from using the toilet and bathroom facilities at their airports in Spain.  The move is a swift and direct response to the coronavirus crisis, which is hitting the British public harder than most nationalities. All passengers are now required to show their passports at the toilets, and Brits are being denied entry.

Criminal Activity In Bathrooms

This move isn’t because of the coronavirus infection risk though.  Carlos Rubor from Coronavirus Regional Andalucia Protection says “This is directly related to criminal activity, brought on by the coronavirus.  British people have been using the bathrooms at airports in Spain as a place to stock up on free toilet paper before flying back to the UK.  Even though it’s free here, it has become a luxury item in the UK.  We have to stop these criminals from emptying our bathrooms of toilet paper”.


Our photographer was arrested for trying to take pictures in the toilet at Malaga airport so here’s one we stole from Google.

Other Sources Of Toilet Paper

British traveller Richard Turpin is flying from Malaga to Birmingham where he lives.  He says the bathroom ban is completely pointless.  “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Soluhull”, Mr Turpin told us.  “They must think we’re daft, the airport toilets aren’t the only source of loo roll in Spain.  I’m just going to fill up my bag in the toilet on the actual plane.  It will be worth a fortune back in the UK”.

The situation at Malaga Airport in southern Spain is already being described as unbearable.  There are reports of crossed legs and a shortage of clean underwear at airport shops.  One man was seen relieving himself into an empty Carling bottle near a bar, which was then picked up and apparently enjoyed by another passenger who told a friend “The Carling tastes way better here than it does in Newcastle”.

Toilet Roll Shortage

You’re more likely to find someone who admits to being from Birmingham than you are to find a toilet roll in the UK.


Damaging To The Economy

Expats on the Costa Del Sol are concerned that the bathroom ban will damage tourism and impact local businesses here by putting off travellers.  Anne Fernandez runs an online outrage expression group on Facebook where her members can be outraged by things like Brexit and tourists pronouncing Benalmadena incorrectly.  She says “I’m outraged by this, what’s it really  going to achieve?  No one is going to risk going to the airport, being delayed, and not being able to spend a penny.  It’s embarrassing.  The UK has bragged that if it could survive two world wars it could survive Brexit, but now it can’t event survive a toilet roll shortage”.

Guardia Civil Armed

A team of lightly armed Guardia Civil officers seen patrolling a bathroom looking for Brits at Malaga Airport.

Some British businesses in Spain have taken their own steps to stop tourists stealing toilet paper from their bathrooms.  DJ Barry Jones from the popular Ebola Bar in Fuengirola says “The shops here are full of bog roll, there is no panic buying.  It’s just tight people who don’t want to buy it that are coming into the bars to steal it.  They won’t be nicking ours though.  Do you remember that toilet paper that feels more like greaseproof paper? We use that.  No one wants to steal  it.  It’s a stroke of genius.  Party party boyo, hands in the air“.

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Written by Anne Drecks, Costa Del Sol Update

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