Expat Dog Owners Must Register DNA


Expat Dog Owners Must Register DNA. The Ayuntamiento De Andalucia have passed a new law requiring all expat dog owners to register their DNA.

Expat Dog Owners Must Register DNA

Expat Dog Owners Must Register DNA

Dog owners in Malaga are already required to register the DNA of their pet with the town hall, to help crack down on antisocial fouling in public.  Now the local government have announced a controversial new law which requires all expat dog owners to register their own DNA on a regional database.

Senor Alonzo Perromaliente is the Minister For Dog Excrement In Public Places. He says “having the dog’s DNA on file is the first step, but we need to get to the route of the problem.  Dogs are fouling walkways all over the Costa Del Sol, it’s bad for tourists, no one wants to step in it.”

“The problem isn’t the dogs themselves, it’s the owners.  The dogs learn this behaviour from their owners.  By collecting the DNA of the expat owners we can identify the owners who are fouling in the streets and bring them to justice”.

Senor Alonzo Perromaliente

Senor Alonzo Perromaliente says that the dogs learn this behaviour from their owners.


Stan Fernandez, originally from Birmingham, is the husband of local activist Anne Fernandez.  He is accusing the local government of racism. He says “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Solihull.  This is outrageous.  My wife would comment but she is too busy dealing with other people who are outraged on our facebook page.  It’s rascist to suggest that only expats foul in the street, Spanish people must do it too.  DNA test everyone. No one should be exempt.”


When the DNA of expat dog owners has been registered, any excrement found in public will be traced to it’s producer.  Fines of €900 will be issued on the spot, payable immediately along with a €39 clean up charge and a €42 administration fee.

Fines For Dog Owners

A council official takes care of the money brought in through fines.

How To Register

If you are an expat dog owner living anywhere on the Costa Del Sol, you must present yourself at your local town hall and provide a DNA sample.  Anita Campbell-Green-Dearly is the British liaison officer at Costa Regional Administration Perro.  Her job is to guide expats through the process which she says is very simple.

“It’s really simple to register your DNA.  Just come to the town hall where you will be seen very quickly, usually within 9 hours.  We will take a rectal DNA sample, and register your details on the system.  There’s no reason not to do this”.

DNA Sample

DNA can be taken from expats rectally.

Positive Reception

The news of the expat dog owners DNA database is getting a positive reception from many local business owners.  Stephen Herek owns a boutique store in Puerto Banus.  He says “It’s about time something was done.  Here in Banus we have all these luxury brands like Gucci and Armani and Apple and Lidl, and then in the street there is dog waste and possibly that of their owners.  It needs to be stopped, and this is the best way to achieve that”.

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Written by Brian Griffin, Costa Del Sol Update, 22.01.2018




  1. First of all I’d like to put on record record that I totally understand the need to crack down on antisocial fouling in public.

    However, and this is a big however. as the owner of nine Doberman Pinschers I must say that this is totally impractical. I cannot put into words how outraged I am about this. Try controlling 360 Kgs of pure muscle, the dogs can be unruly in the extreme in fact I have dislocated by right shoulder blade on three occasions whilst trying to control them. By the time Bobtail has “done his business” and I’m struggling to find the plastic bags the dogs have dragged me 300 metres down the street in a cloud of dust because they saw a rat disappear down a drain. I bought these dogs in the UK in Birmingham, Cradley Heath to be exact and brought them here to Spain and I have no intention to return them to the Black Country.

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