Farage Awarded Top Spanish Honour


Farage Awarded Top Spanish Honour. The popular British politician is to be awarded a peerage by a member of the Spanish royal family at a lavish ceremony.

Anger Over Spanish Honour For Nigel Farage

Farage Awarded Top Spanish Honour

Expats have expressed anger and disbelief after it was announced that popular British political figurehead Nigel Farage is to receive a peerage from the Spanish Royal Family. Farage will be presented with a title and a trophy at a ceremony hosted by a top Royal later this month.

A spokesperson for the palace, Sr. Maloliente Caca, told Costa Del Sol Update “We wanted to show our solidarity with the British community in Spain. There is no better way to do this than by bestowing one of Spain’s highest honours on one of Britain’s most popular politicians.  He is a man who has worked tirelessly to promote traditional values and unity whilst demonstrating an unrivalled level of decorum and dignity”.

Nigel Farage Flag

Spanish people have a deep admiration for the decorum and dignity frequently demonstrated by Mr. Farage.

The Duke Of Los Boliches

Nigel Farage will be given the honorary title of Duke Of Los Boliches, he will be presented with a trophy by the Spanish Honours Informative Team, and have a road named after him. The respected British politician is said to be overwhelmed at receiving these honours, and hopes to attend to the ceremony in person.

Nigel Farage Sombrero

Nigel Farage’s PR team released this photo of him sporting a traditional Spanish hat.

Duke Of Los Boliches

At the moment, the title Duke Of Los Boliches doesn’t come with any actual power. However, sources say that won’t stop Nigel from whipping up popular support and taking charge.  Mr. Farage has plans to relocate to a modest three bedroom villa in the area as he establishes a power base. A close friend of the Duke elect said “Nigel is overjoyed, he hasn’t received an award like this since a dustbin lid in Doncaster was named after him.  As soon as he can wield his power, Nigel plans to set about getting rid of all the foreigners and taking back control of Los Boliches. There is talk of wall building”.

Calle Nigel Farage

The Camino De Acevedo in Fuengirola is to be renamed Calle Nigel Farage in honour of the famous Brit. Expat Terry Lairy from Birmingham said “actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Sutton Coldfield. This road is a great choice, it’s got a crematorium on it and a sewage treatment plant. Two things that are really in harmony with Farage and everything he has done for us”.

Water Treatment Plant

The “Water Treatment Plant” on the newly named Calle Nigel Farage,

Crown Prince Enrique

The ceremony will take place on the Costa Del Sol on the 28th February. Crown Prince Enrique, 739th in line to the Spanish throne, will present Mr. Farage with his peerage. A palace spokesman said “The Crown Prince is extremely excited to be honouring Nigel Farage. His Highness spends most of the year at his palace in Calahonda, and is delighted to be asked to perform a Royal duty. The last time he was asked to do this was in 1987″.

Nigel Farage Beach

Nigel Farage pictured looking at a beach similar to beaches found in Spain.

Outraged Expats

The expat community has reacted with anger and disbelief at the honour for Farage. Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where expats can express their outrage at Brexit and other non political hot potatoes. She says “My members are outraged, why is Nigel Farage getting an honour? No one has done more to unite the British community in Spain than Boris Johnson, he should be getting these awards. Never before has one person been so disliked by people from so many different backgrounds and cultures. It’s amazing how people can come together and express their outrage as a community”.

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Written by Hongo El Hombre De Bogey, Costa Del Sol Update.



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