Fury As Bandwagons Reach Breaking Point


Fury As Bandwagons Reach Breaking Point.  The coronavirus crisis has seen more people than ever jumping on bandwagons which are now full.

Fury As Bandwagons Reach Breaking Point

Fury As Bandwagons Reach Breaking Point

Europe is reaching breaking point as it’s been confirmed that all of it’s bandwagons are now full.  Here on the Costa Del Sol, desperate people have been trying to jump on a bandwagon, only to find that there is no space.  The government in Spain has now issued a decree preventing bandwagons from accepting any more passengers.

A press release from the Bandwagon Organisation Local Legislative Offices Costa Knowlege Support says “People have been jumping on bandwagons for years, but the coronavirus has given more people more time than they know what to do with, so they are trying to jump on every passing bandwagon.  Unfortunately, the wagons are now at breaking point.  This has to stop.”

Brexit Bus Scaremongering

Because of the lockdown our art department aren’t working, so the author’s 7 year old son made this on photoshop.

The Fake News Bandwagon

One of the most popular bandwagons to jump on was originally commissioned by Donald Trump.  The “Fake News Bandwagon” has been picking up passengers regularly.  It’s a favourite for anyone who can’t understand a genuine news story, can’t understand satire, or just disagrees with something.

The coronavirus, which has been sweeping through Europe, has led to the building of several new bandwagons, including the “More People Die From Flu” bandwagon, the “The Government Are Using This To Hide Something” bandwagon, the “This Is The Media’s Fault” bandwagon, and the “Stop Scaremongering” bandwagon.

man sneezing

Amazingly there are still people trying to say that coronavirus is just like a cold.

Now that Spain is on lockdown, there are more people sat at home on the internet trying to jump on these bandwagons.  Major Seth Adams is a wagon master in Marbella, he says it’s too much now.  “Just this morning I had to stop two people from jumping on the ‘The Media Is Scaremongering’ bandwagon after they read an article which was just telling the truth.  We can’t make any exceptions, not even for Brexit voters.  The bandwagons are full.”


This Isn’t Funny Take It Down

Of particular concern is the capacity of the “Humour High Horse” bandwagon, which is now full.  This one is popular with people who consider themselves to be slightly better than everyone else, and like to point out that any coronavirus related humour is “inappropriate at this time”, should “be taken down”, and with people who “normally love to have a laugh but this isn’t the right time”.

British expats on the Costa Del Sol are outraged that the bandwagons are now full.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group for Brits who are outraged by Brexit and the stockpiling of blue rinse hair colouring.  Anne says “This is a particularly dangerous time for many of my members, may of whom have tried to jump on the Humour High Horse bandwagon.  Now that the bandwagons are full, they might actually have to start thinking for themselves.  It’s outrageous.  They don’t know what to do with themselves, so they have started buying toilet rolls”.

Stew Pidd

Stew Pidd thinks this is fake news.

Stew Pidd from Birmingham jumped on a bandwagon a long time ago and has no plans to get off.  He said “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Edgbaston.  This is fake news.  For sure.  Fake news.  Boris is best.  Big up Boris.  Fake news.”

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Written by Michelle Flaherty, Costa Del Sol Update

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